Beware of Fake eBay Motors Scam!

May 16, 2014

Beware of Fake eBay Motors Scam!


The Better Business Bureau is warning consumers of a, “Fake eBay Motor’s scam.”  The Better Business Bureau of the Tri-Counties was recently contacted by Tri-County area consumers who had nearly fallen prey to this wide-spread scam.

According to eBay’s website, “We've seen several fake emails and websites that are designed to look like they come from us, copying our logo and talking about features and services that we offer. But in reality these phony emails and sites are from bad guys who want to rip people off.

These scams often involve car purchases outside of eBay, usually at other websites like and Craigslist. A seller offers a car (that they have no intention of delivering) at a very low price. When a transaction starts, they send the buyer fake invoices, often asking for payment via wire transfer while claiming to be affiliated with eBay or offering eBay Motors Vehicle Purchase Protection.

The consumers who contacted the BBB mentioned that they were responding to Craig’s List ads and were instructed to purchase Green Dot MoneyPaks to use for payment.  eBay urges consumers to double check and see if the email is really coming from eBay, avoid using Western Union, MoneyGram or other wire transfers (use PayPal or other credit card), and complete the transaction on eBay.

The BBB of the Tri-Counties has years of experience with victims of such scams and recommends that the public alert the BBB of the Tri-counties if this kind of scam happens to you. The BBB can be reached at,, or call us 805-963-8657.