Watch out for job offer from Primax Solutions, Inc.!

January 13, 2014

A Central Coast resident has informed the Better Business Bureau (BBB) that as a result of looking for work, she was sent an email from Primax Solutions of Wakefield Massachusetts.  There is a legitimate company in Wakefield however, their company name is simply Primax and they confirmed to the BBB that they are not forwarding job offers such as the one received by the BBB.  Often perpetrators of schemes like to, “spoof” the identity of legitimate businesses in order to add creditability to their offer.

The job offer in question is for home-based work at a fairly high rate of pay but as part of the application process; applicants are asked to provide their bank information and other personal information.  The BBB strongly urges consumers not to ever provide their private information such as Social Security numbers and bank account numbers online or over the telephone unless they are absolutely sure they know who they are dealing with.

The Better Business Bureau has years of experience dealing with scam artists and their victims.  Please contact the BBB if you have any questions regarding suspicious offers or if you just want to check our rating on your local mechanic.

The BBB can be reached at,, or call us at 805-963-8657.