Cleverly Disguised Solicitations

November 27, 2013

The Better Business Bureau of the Tri-Counties is warning area businesses that cleverly disguised solicitations are being mailed from a Southern California business that include a notice of, "Suspension of Coverage, Important - open immediately."  The mail packet claims, "Urgent, Notice of Expiration" but the notice is actually a solicitation to purchase the company's labor law notification service. Consumers and business owners alike are cautioned to CAREFULLY READ all solicitations or renewal notices that they receive in the mail before issuing payment.

 The BBB of the Tri-Counties was alerted to these “cleverly disguised solicitations” by receiving this mailer in our own mailbox. All California businesses are required to post certain notifications in their businesses regarding following OSHA guidelines and other information. The advertising is portrayed as a form to renew your Labor Law Notification service with the company when in reality it is a solicitation to purchase the service.    

 The BBB of the Tri-Counties has years of experience with victims of such scams and recommends that the public alert the BBB of the Tri-counties if this kind of scam happens to you.  Please contact the BBB at 1-805-963-8657.