Beware of "robocall" Phone Scams

November 27, 2013

The Better Business Bureau is warning consumers of a, “robocall phone scam.” Using automatic phone dialing systems, commonly knownas “robocalling,” scammers target consumers representing themselves as beingwith Medicare or well-known medical alarm providers like Medical Alert.  If consumersrespond to seemingly attractive offers of free equipment, live salespeople thenrespond with high-pressure tactics to obtain personal Medicare, credit card orbilling information.

 TheBBB of the Tri-Counties was alerted to these “robocall phone scams” by the victimsof these scams and also by ConnectAmerica LLC (whose flagship brand is MedicalAlert).  Medical Alert has joined forceswith legal investigators in the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Health CareSection to protect consumers from the dangers of this “robocall phone scam.”  This company will soon provide a mediacampaign in Major U.S. markets to help provide warning signs of illegaloperators, protection tips and a hotline for outreach if scammers call. 

 The BBB of the Tri-Counties has years ofexperience with victims of such scams and recommends that the public alert theBBB of the Tri-counties if this kind of scam happens to you.  Please contact the BBB at 1-805-963-8657.