November 27, 2013

The Better Business Bureau is warning consumers of a “Central Coast Overseas Money Order” scheme that asks consumers to wire money orders to specific people that are outside the United States.  In exchange for this service victims are promised  to be paid and are FedEx’d a Sun Trust Bank check to deposit in their account to cover the money orders they are sending out. Consumers throughout the U.S. are receiving emails from a business which claims to represent a company located in Santa Maria.  That address in Santa Maria is actually for another business that has been located there for over 20 years and is unrelated to these emails.   

Consumers are receiving a sizeable check from Fed-Ex, for approximately $4,885.00 along with an email instructing them to deposit the check in their accounts and then to wire money orders to certain individuals outside of the United States.  However, after wiring the money out of the country the consumer later learns that the check that he or she deposited is no good.

Consumers should know that this is not a valid opportunity. Eventually the check from “Sun Trust Bank” will bounce and the consumer is left with a loss of personal funds. Consumers should contact the BBB at 1-805-963-8657.

The Better Business Bureau has years of experience dealing with scamartists and their victims.  Consumersshould always carefully consider participating in any opportunity without firstfully investigating the offer.