Are You a, "Notch Baby" If so, Read This Before You Send Money

November 27, 2013

A Paso Robles woman recently received information fromthe Senior Citizens League (SCL) asking for money to promote their agenda toget more money for retirees.  A, “notch baby”is someone born in the US between 1917 and 1926 and on a graph representingseniors and benefit levels; these people are represented in a dip or, “notch”in the graph.  In short, due to changesin the calculations of Social Security benefits, many believe that the, “notchbabies” are being paid less than their fair share of benefits.  The Notch Fairness Act was first introducedin 1998 and is on the table again this year.

The SCL is an organization that has supposedly lobbiedfor years for social security reform. The urgent sounding mailings sent to seniors on behalf of the SCL areseeking donations that will help promote the organization’s agenda to preservethe social security trust fund.  Themailings also refer to a $5,000.00 lump-sum payment and recipients are givenseveral options in use to receive their $5,000.00 settlement.

 If you have received a letter like this asking for funds,you may want to contact the SCL to determine how your funds will be used.  Be aware that the Notch Fairness Act has notbeen passed and there is no guarantee that you will receive the $5,000.00settlement.

 The BBB of the Tri-Counties has years of experience withvictims of scams and recommends that the public alert the BBB of theTri-counties if you feel that you have been scammed.  Please contact the BBB at 1-805-963-8657.