Why You Should Apply to Become an Accredited Business


BBB Accredited Business Marketing
The BBB backs up your business with consistent consumer advertising campaigns, public relations, consumer outreach and special events. Additionally, the BBB provides expert support for your use of the BBB logo when you advertise to potential customers.

BBB Search Engine Optimization
Our IT team is constantly enhancing our bbb.org website and your company Business Review to increase the odds of a page one result on Google.

Facebook Business Page and Web Page Development
BBB will create and host a webpage for your business if you don’t already have one of your own and it will be linked from our site. We offer a personalized domain name and can include five photographs and unlimited amount of text and that domain name is yours as long as you are accredited by BBB. We will also create and host your Facebook Business Page so you can take advantage of the hottest site in social media marketing.

BBB Accredited Business Seal for the Web
Businesses that qualify may elect to display our Dynamic Accredited Business Seal on their web site. This seal links directly to the participant's online Business Review. Consumers can get the information they need about your business at precisely the moment they are considering making a purchase. Having the BBB Accredited Business Seal on your site says that you meet the criteria for the BBB Code of Online Business Practices, a special set of good business practices designed for the Internet and you may qualify for our free PCI Compliance program offered through our partnership with McAfee.  For more information, click here.

Accredited Business Certificate and Identification Program                                                                                           Displayed at your place of business, your BBB certificate and decals inform your customers that you are fair and honest and have pledged to adhere to the BBB standards of trust. BBB will provide you with properly formatted logos for your use in your own print and TV advertising.

Request A Quote
BBB can deliver potential new business to your email inbox with this exciting tool offered exclusively to our Accredited Businesses. When consumers view your report they have the option of clicking on the “get a quote” button, describe the job they have in mind and provide you with detailed information, providing you a highly qualified lead for your business.

BBB Online Accredited Business Directory/Online Technology
BBB has an online directory which links potential customers to your website, email, and will allow people to map your location. Internet surfers can check your Accredited Business status here. All BBB Accredited Businesses are included on our searchable roster. If you have a website address of your own, BBB can establish a hyperlink to your homepage. Thousands of consumers inquire about ethical businesses every day but BBB never recommends a specific company, rather we provide lists of our accredited businesses by type of business category.

Effective Advertising

We can help you get the most of your advertising budget. An inquiry to BBB from a potential customer, sparked by your ad, can turn a cautious buyer into your newest customer. Tell your customers you are accredited anywhere you advertise.

  • Business Cards
  • Billboards
  • Direct Mail
  • Flyers
  • Job Estimates
  • Periodicals
  • Newspaper Ads
  • Posters
  • Business Labels
  • Billing Statements
  • Fax Cover
  • Stationary
  • Invoices
  • Local Radio Ads
  • Yellow Page Ads
  • Local TV Ads

There are many ways to promote your credibility and ethical standards by proudly showing customers the BBB torch.

Check out Newly Accredited Businesses
Do you routinely check out the record of new suppliers, clients, or contractors before you do business with them? If not, you should! Your BBB provides you with a quick and easy method to receive unbiased information about other businesses. Stop, think, and check with BBB. Just one call or click could save you time, money and aggravation.

Community Support
Members of the BBB proudly support the many programs we offer to our community, including: National Charity Review, free speakers to high schools, anti-fraud tools for senior citizens, and other free consumer resources.

Your Business Review
Reviews are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When a prospective customer seeks more information before purchasing your service or product, your report is accessible from any touch-tone telephone on our 24-hour Voice Response System and via our web site. The BBB Serving Ventura, Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties receives over 84,000 requests for information monthly.

Mediation and Arbitration Services
One of the most important functions of your BBB is to help facilitate communication between businesses and their customers if a dispute arises. Mediation and arbitration service are available to accredited businesses at no charge to provide you with a fair and equitable way to resolve disputes and avoid high legal costs.

Priority Service
Your account manager is your personal service representative. You will have a direct line that bypasses our busy public lines and speak with a live person. Call them directly to get Business Reviews, update your review or to request additional marketing materials.

Accredited Business Newsletter
The BBB Trust Brief provides you and your employees with timely and important business and consumer information.

Employee Information
An informed consumer makes the best customer. BBB provides several consumer education booklets, with wise buying tips, for you to give to your employees.

BBB Accredited Business
Being Accredited by Better Business Bureau will be one of the best decisions you'll ever make for your business. Your annual fees are cost effective and 100% tax deductible as a necessary business expense.

Apply For Accreditation Now!