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Zojirushi America Corporation

Phone: (800) 733-6270

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6 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 2 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Advertising / Sales Issues1
Billing / Collection Issues1
Problems with Product / Service4
Delivery Issues0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
Total Closed Complaints6

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Complaint Resolution Log (6)
06/18/2015Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

I have sent my thermos in for warranty repair per request of company.After receiving it back,I am made aware that I must pay. I view this as Fraud.
I have purchased a thermos from Zojirushi on Oct X XXXX on #BA XXXXXX Order XXX-XXXXXXX-XXXXXXX

I have contacted Chico at Zojirushi numerous times to confirm I was having issues with seal and heat retention. At no time was I offered any tutorial videos which I was sent just now in a email today where I'm also expected to pay a reported $34. A brand new thermos thermos on sells for $23

When I received the thermos back today, I had a new seal which was replaced as well as some other closures. some repairs intact were needed and now they want me to pay.

Desired Settlement
I am requesting that this company cease their threats to bill for repairs for which were needed to a product of their own.

Business Response
Re: BBB Complaint of ***** ***********

Dear BBB,

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. We are disappointed, however, that Mr. ***********'s report contains numerous inaccuracies regarding his contact with us. We hope that our response here will not only provide the BBB with a fair and honest account of what occurred, but will also serve as a reassurance to Mr. *********** that we value him as a ********.

For whatever reason, Mr. ***********'s report has left out key details and facts regarding our efforts to assist him. Perhaps this response will help him realize that we have been trying to help him since his first contact with us. So let us now provide a clear and fair report of what occurred in our efforts to help Mr. ***********.

Mr. *********** first contacted our ******** ******* department via email on May 1, 2015 and told us that his vacuum bottle had a leak. We immediately responded by asking him to make sure the vacuum bottle's gasket was inserted properly, not upside down which would cause it to leak. We even attached a picture of a properly inserted gasket to assist him.

He wrote back to us, saying that he did as instructed but it was still leaking. This time he added a new claim to his original one; that the heat retention of the bottle was defective. He insisted that we send him another vacuum bottle to replace his current one.

In response, we told him how to test the heat retention by filling the bottle with hot water, waiting a few minutes, and then feeling the sides of the bottle for heat. If heat was present then it was evidence that the liner was compromised and not maintaining the heat.

A few days after this, he contacted us again and demanded that we send him a replacement vacuum bottle. We told him that a replacement may not be necessary since we believed there may, in fact, be nothing wrong with the bottle he currently had. In any case, we let him know that we could not send out a replacement until we examined and tested the bottle that he claimed was defective.

After insisting that his bottle was still not working properly, we made arrangements to pick it up and have it delivered to our facility for testing.

We arranged to have his bottle picked up and returned to our office for inspection. As a courtesy, we paid all shipping costs to have this bottle picked and delivered to us.

After inspecting the bottle, we determined that the rubber gasket had been inserted upside down (something we had asked him to check earlier). Re-inserting this the proper way immediately stopped the leak.

To investigate the claim that its heat retention was faulty, we used a commercial grade instrument to determine that its heat retention was also fine. In short, the vacuum bottle was working great without any defect or problem, either in its heat retention or in its ability to contain liquid and prevent leaking. It was working as it was designed to do.

After this testing which confirmed that the bottle was free of any defects or problems, we returned it to him without charging him for any shipping costs. We thought he would be satisfied with our ******* and the amount of attention we gave him and his vacuum bottle.

For this ********, we went beyond our warranty policy when picking up the unit. In normal circumstances, he would have been charged for the labor and the UPS shipping both ways since there was no defect, but we did everything for him without charge.

Given this history, we had difficulty understanding the report submitted by Mr. ***********, which does not mention these pertinent facts.

We hope that our report here might remind him that we value him as a ******** and only wished to help him. After reading our response here we hope he now has a renewed faith in Zojirushi and its products.

Note: One video and one photo attached to show leak test and heat retention instrument.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Dear BBB of California,

Facts are facts:

Zojirushi America Corporation at no time disclosed that they would possibly charge me for shipping or for repairs/******* prior to sending the unit to them. At no time did I ever "demand a replacement unit" as they so call claim. I'm simply a ******** who wanted my product to function properly and not leak coffee on my shirt when I'm at work.

Also, upon receipt of the unit I notice that the unit has a complete new seal; something the company has failed to disclose. Currently in the weeks since I have not had any issues because of the newly replaced seal. It never flips down at any time.

If such a company is unwilling to assure the satisfaction of their customers, then they should close. It's disappointing that they're willing to write off one ******** and over look the intensity of the opportunity cost that it could be instead carrying on with this nonsense.

The video they attached (above) I was sent only after I signed for the package they sent back to me with a demand to pay. It would have been nice to have such to assist in the operation.

In closing, I don't foresee myself paying any such fees or ransoms.

Final Business Response
Dear BBB:

As a courtesy to Mr. ***********, we incurred all costs for picking up his vacuum bottle, inspecting it, and returning it to him via UPS. He was not charged a penny. At no time did we ask him to pay for the shipping of his vacuum bottleto us or back to himor for any ******* or testing performed on his bottle.

We did tell him, however, that in the future he should follow our instructions in troubleshooting potential problems such as heat retention and leaking before requesting a replacement.

While we were very accommodating to Mr. *********** this time, we simply cannot survive as a business if we continue to pay for shipping and services not covered under our warranty.

We are hopeful that Mr. *********** recognizes our efforts to help him in this case without charging him anything, but he needs to understand in the future that our warranty covers manufacturing defects only.

With this understanding, we are hopeful Mr. *********** will remain one of our loyal customers for many years to come.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
Zojirushi America Corporation completely fabricated their response here, but that's ok. They did demand that I pay for shipping and a ******* charge; but now change, I'm ok.

I will never purchase any further products from this company in the future nor will I recommend them. I felt completely scammed and insulted as a consumer and as a person. I have already looked into similar products made by competitors who offer far better ******* I'm sure.

Just to clarify: I am NOT paying any fees to Zojirushi America Corporation.

05/31/2016Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

I own a Zojirushi Bread Maker model number Zojirushi BBCC-V20 Home Bakery Traditional Breadmaker. I called Customer Service to order two replacement belts, one large, one small. They told me that they have the belts but would not send them to me because of liability issues. ??? Anyway, I have already disassembled my bread maker and have no replacement belts WHICH THEY REFUSE TO SEND ME. I have pictures of the disassembled bread maker. The only option they offered me was to DRIVE 3 HOURS TO THEIR LOCATION AND THREE HOURS BACK to have the belts installed AT A COST. Postage EXCEEDS VALUE OF ITEM, they asserted. What is this? Outrageous. I just need two replacement belts. I WILL PAY FOR THEM.

Desired Settlement
I want prompt shipment of one large and one small Zojirushi model Zojirushi BBCC-V20 Home Bakery Traditional Breadmaker belts. It would be nice without charge since I have had to go through this procedure. GOOD WILL? Anyone hear of that?

Business Response
We are very sorry to hear about this customer's frustration with his BBCC-V20 bread maker. While Zojirushi America does offer its customers replacement baking pans, kneading blades, and other parts and accessories that are simple for the customer to attach or affix into the machine, we do not sell internal mechanical parts, such as belts, due to the danger and risks it presents to any customer who attempts to install one.

For this reason, we do our best to discourage our customers from attempting to disassemble their products and conduct their own mechanical repairs best left to one of our authorized service centers.

Our customer service department strongly advises the customer to leave such repairs to our professional technicians who have been authorizedand trainedto conduct such repairs. Having or encouraging our own customers do these repairs on their ownby providing them with the internal mechanical parts to do sowould obviously subject us to liability issues for any and all property damage or, worseinjuriesassociated
with a botched repair.

Allowing or encouraging our customers to conduct their own repairs on our products would not only be unfair to our customers, it would subject them to unforeseen dangers, both during their attempted repair and afterwards. We simply cannot and will not put our customers in that position.

This explains why we do not even have such parts available to ship to customers. Even if one of our company representatives wanted to defy this common sense policy, such mechanical parts are not even available to us. In other words, we have no belts available to ship to this, or any,

As for this particular product, the BBCC-V20 bread maker, it was discontinued over ten years ago in 2004. Despite that fact, we still maintain an inventory of replacement pans and kneading pans for our customers should they need them.

Our bread machines come with a one year warranty. If Mr. *****'s unit was within that one year warranty period, and his belts needed to be replaced, we would be able to provide service for his unit free of charge as part of his one year warranty. However, because his unit is over ten years old, he will need to call one of our authorized ******* centers to get an estimate for
the cost of the repair.

Here is a list of our authorized service centers: centers

For more details on our warranty policy, one can find them here: warranty.html

We really hope Mr. ***** understands why we are unable to send him mechanical parts, such as belts, for his bread maker and hope he will consider sending his unit to one of our authorized service centers for repair. We certainly want to keep him as one of our loyal customers and see him back baking bread again with our BBCC-V20 once again.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

Final Business Response
We are sorry to hear that Mr. ***** was unsatisfied with our response. We value him as one of our customers and hope he reconsiders the position we are in. Perhaps our first response was not clear enough and we left Mr. Jaasko with the impression that we have a choice as to whether or not we can ship him a belt for his bread machine.

Let us make this as clear as possible so there can be no misunderstanding and we can resolve this issue here and nowand, most importantly, keep Mr. ***** as one our loyal customers. We are hopeful that our following explanation may accomplish this.

As we stated before, we have never carried bread machine belts in our spare parts inventoryever. This includes the past, the present, and will continue to be the case into the future. Hence, it is not possible to ship a bread machine belt to Mr. ***** because we do not have any.

Rather than repeating the reasons why we do not carry internal mechanical parts for our products and sell them to our customers, we direct the reader to our original, earlier response in this case. For those in a hurry, though, suffice it to say that it comes down to our concern for the safety of our customers.

So given the fact that we do not haveor will ever havethe bread maker belts that Mr. ***** requested, we hope we can at least agree that providing this item to a customer is not possible.

If we have explained this point clearly enough, I think we can confidently say that this issue, if not now resolved, is clearly outside the scope of this forum. Continuing to request an item from a party that has no way of securing that item is an exercise in futility. I hope we can all agree on that and check this item off our list. There is no point in discussing it further as it is impossible to provide.

Now, to Mr. *****'s second point regarding good will. We have always supported our customers, whether it is helping them to make the most out of their Zojirushi products when they call into our customer service department or by keeping spare parts and accessories available to them, even years after their product may have been discontinued.

But there is another element here that has not yet been discussed and that is the issue of fairness. As we stated before, the bread maker at issue here is our BBCC-V20. This product was discontinued over ten years ago in 2004. Our warranty, however, is valid for one year and nearly all of our customers recognize that we will service their products free of charge during that one year warranty period.

After that one year warranty period, however, nearly all of our customers have abided by the conditions of our warranty by recognizing that it is not a life-long warranty. They have paid for the maintenance, service repairs, and spare parts like kneading blades and spatulas, and the general upkeep of their products once the one year warranty period was over. This is accepted and has never caused any disagreement with nearly all of customers. We are proud of offering this one year warranty and it is appreciated and understood by our customers.

So treating one customer differently than another, offering one customer free shipping and free repairs for more than ten years on a discontinued bread maker from 2004, while making all of our other customers pay for those services after their one year warranty period has expired, would be inherently unfair. This is not a practice we do not wish to engage in.

In addition, offering life-long product and parts replacement for all of our products would be financially unsustainable. We would soon be out of business if we adopted this policy.

So, unfortunately, for matters of fairness, safety, and general business practices, we are unable to provide the belts requested by Mr. *****, nor are we able to pick up the expense for the repair of his bread maker, for the reasons we provided above.

We certainly hope Mr. ***** will understand our explanation here and reconsider his complaint. We are confident that if he carefully reads and reflects on the facts and reasons we have given him in our response, he will arrive at a different conclusion in this case.

Mr. *****, thank you for your time in reading and listening to our explanation. We hope to keep you as our customer for many years to come.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
In a recent telephone conversation with Zojirushi America Corp customer service, a representative clearly told me that I could drive to Torrance, California from Palm Springs, Califonia and that the repair facility WOULD REPLACE THE BELTS WHILE I WAITED IN TORRANCE thereby avoiding shipping costs. This shameful denial of availability of parts is a gross misrepresentation of the facts. Now was she, the Zojirushi rep lying or is the respondent to this complaint lying? I spoke to them DIRECTLY and they offered this option which involves a six hour drive. If Zojirushi was sincere in its response it could easily have offered a discounted replacement machine to compensate for what appears to have become an intentional obfuscation of the facts. I have posted this experience online in several places acknowledging Zojirushi' s good products but for this design flaw and untruthful approach to this complaint. Yes the machine was from 2004 BUT was not used for many years and even then, lightly. The design flaw and what seems to be a cover-up of this flaw by denying parts availability can be my only conclusion. The RUBBER belt is located directly beneath the HEATING/BAKING element separated only by a highly conductive metal plate.

03/23/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

It is not healthy for the customers to drink so much water with plastic stuff from the water boiler.Pictures can be sent if you ask for it.
I bought this product for few years. It is water boiler CD-JSC30.
It is bad design or bad material they used on this product. The plastic is falling into the water tank when it cooks the water or maintains the heat.
Yes, we drink the water with the plastic stuff. It has been years until we found out within these few days.
Somehow, the product I bought is not right. No matter it is product quality issues, or people healthy issues. The lid need to be replaced. Or, swap to another model of product or refund the money.
Pictures can be provided if you ask for it.
Thank you.

Desired Settlement
Just provide a fair solution of it.

Business Response
Dear Better Business Bureau,

While our electric water boilers are durable and long-lasting, they may require replacement parts due to wear and tear or extensive use. Due to prolonged exposure to heat and steam, the lid and inner lid of electric water boilers may need to be replaced eventually.

The user's manual for our CD-JSC30 water boiler reminds customers that "some parts may become damaged after years of use. If replacement is necessary, contact our authorized service center or call Zojirushi Service Center at 1-800-733-6270."

This is why we offer our customers the convenient option of purchasing these replacement parts through us directly. Like any of our other valued customers, Mr. Lin may purchase a replacement inner lid for his water boiler at: parts/category/electric-boilers-warmers/CD-JSC22/30?color flag=N

We have spoken to Mr. Lin previously on this issue and hope we get another opportunity to help him again. Hopefully, we hear from him soon so we can assist him in ordering the replacement lid for his water boiler. With a replacement lid, he can continue using his Zojirushi water boiler for many years to come.

Zojirushi America Corporation

02/16/2016Problems with Product / Service
10/08/2013Problems with Product / Service
08/24/2013Problems with Product / Service

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