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Complaint Resolution Log (4)
08/03/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Claim to deliver fresh candy but also indicate that they are not responsible if the candy melts.
Ordered over $200 in candy. Half was chocolate. When I received it all chocolate was melted. Called to ask what to do and was told that I declined a shipping method that would insure candy was fresh. I do not even recall being told that if i didn't expedite the shipping my candy would NOT arrive fresh. They refused to even partially make this right. This is really poor customer service and a bad business model. They should just force a more expensive shipping for candy that melts so they can keep their promise to deliver fresh candy. Why would anyone want to pay $200 for candy to throw away.

Desired Settlement
To refund me or ship me the chocolate again but this time fresh as promised and not melted.

Business Response
We regret that the customer received their order with some melted candy, but we stand by our clear and fair policies. We warn the customer that a product may be subject to melting first, on the candy's product detail page, secondly after UPS Ground Shipping is selected and finally, during the order checkout process. The customer must agree to the order acknowledgement before they can submit the order which specifically states that the customer understands and agrees to the terms below and to's shipping and return policies. The three terms listed are:

1. Before an order is shipped, 1-2 business days are required for in-house processing.
2. No refunds for products melted in transit (regardless of delivery method selected).
3. For the health and safety of our customers, no returns on consumable food/candy products.

In the warning provided when a customer selects UPS Ground shipping for an order containing meltable chocolates; we provide the customer with the following:

Our Recommendation: We highly recommend shipping your meltable items via 2 Business Days. While cannot guarantee items will not melt (regardless of shipping method), this expedited service helps to decrease that possibility. Only expedited shipping (which are 2 Business Days or 3-4 Business Days) includes free cold packs.

After this recommendation, the customer must then reselect which shipping method they want to use. It is the customer's decision whether or not they want to protect their order by using the recommended shipping methods or not. In this customer's case, she chose to ignore the numerous warnings and recommendations and ship her chocolate via UPS Ground to Texas during the summer heat. She spoke with both a customer service representative as well as the department manager. Both people listened to the customer's complaint and thoroughly explained CandyWarehouse shipping and melted candy policies.

It is clear that the customer did know of the risk she was taking by shipping via UPS Ground. She cannot claim that she wasn't told that her chocolate would melt because she was given three different warnings throughout the ordering process. Additionally, the customer agreed to and acknowledged the CandyWarehouse shipping and return policies. Both of these policies address melted candy and state that no refund will be given for candy that arrives melted. We cannot control what a customer orders or how they choose to ship it. We can only do our best to provide the customer with the facts and the knowledge to make the best decision.

Following is the CandyWarehouse Warm Weather/Summer Shipping Policy as posted on our website:

Warm Weather / Summer Shipping Policy

During the summer and other hot times of the year, we suggest selecting "2 Business Days Delivery" or "3 to 4 Business Days Delivery", especially when purchasing meltable products (e.g., chocolates, taffy, and gummies). To help minimize shipping costs, we suggest splitting your order into two: (1) meltable candy (chocolates, gummies, taffy, etc.) via expedited shipping and (2) candy that is not particularly heat sensitive (hard candy, gum, powder candy, etc.) via ground shipping. During its journey from our warehouse in Southern California to its final destination, some types of candy cannot be exposed to temperatures over 80° F/26° C without melting.
If possible, try to ship your order to a business address as businesses often receive shipments earlier in the day and someone is onsite. When shipping to a residence and no one is home, the products will either be (1) left outside sitting in the heat or (2) put back in the hot UPS truck. If you need to ship to a residence and you cannot be home, please leave a note instructing that the package be placed under shade. In the event your package has been sitting in heat, let it "rest" at room temperature for a few hours to give it a chance to return to normal consistency.

In order to protect products as much as we can during especially warm months, will require certain orders containing meltable items (e.g., chocolate, taffy, gummy, and wax candies) to be shipped via "2 Business Days Delivery" or "3 to 4 Business Days Delivery".

Rest assured, does not make money from shipping. We pass along all of our discounted shipping rates to you, our valued customers.

*Important Note: Even if you and take every precaution possible, there is always the chance that candy will melt during transit. Please consider the type of candy you are purchasing during warm weather months as cannot provide refunds for melted products.

Additionally, in the Candywarehouse frequently asked questions, we post the following:

How do I know chocolates and other heat-sensitive candies won't melt in transit during warm weather, especially summer?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that certain candies will not melt, BUT we do our utmost to safeguard against it. Most importantly, choose an expedited shipping method ("3 to 4 Business Days" or "2 Business Days") and not ground. Unlike many of our counterparts, provides FREE gel ice packs with expedited (not ground) orders of meltable products and does not charge for this added service. Unfortunately, ice packs only last approximately 24 hours, so they cannot fully prevent heat exposure. Additionally, we only ship orders containing meltables on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays during warm weather to ensure that your candy will not be stuck in a hot UPS or FedEx hub over the weekend (defeating the purpose of you paying extra for expedited shipping!). Remember, we do not refund for products melted during transit, so consider ordering candies that are not as heat-sensitive during times of warm weather. Learn more about summer shipping here.

04/21/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Only received a portion of my refund.
On February 6, 2015 an order (Order XXXXXXXX) was placed with the company In the order I ordered Key lime Yogurt Covered mini pretzels quality 3
SKU: 132762 Green Apple 1 inch Gumballs 850 piece case quality 1. SKU: XXXXXX
M&M's Milk Chocolate Candy - Green 5lb bag quality 1 SKU:XXXXXX M&M's Milk Chocolate Candy - Silver 5lb bag quality 1. SKU: XXXXX Silver 1 inch Gumballs 2lb bag quality 1 SKU: XXXXXX.
The order was never received because the shipping company was unable to find my home address of 506 Upper Trail Blythewood, SC XXXXX. When I contacted the company they requested I wait until the entire order was received back and checked into inventory. I waited an additional week or two before calling back I was told my order was received and the funds would be refunded back to my card. After making two additional calls to Janence the company representative handling my issues I was told I would be receiving my refund which should have been the full total of 223.80. Instead I received a partial refund of only $135.30, when I spoke with the representative to inquire as to why the partial refund. I was told they were charging me the $88.50 as a restocking fee because I provided them an incorrect address for delivery. I informed her the address provided is my home address and I shouldn't be charge because the delivery company was unable to find my address. Regardless of my persistence she still would not refund the remaining funds. The address I provided and she confirm is my mailing address therefore I did not provide the company with my correct address. All my mail is received here at my home to include deliveries for various online orders with other companies.
I should not be charge for providing an incorrect address when clearly I know my address.

Desired Settlement
I am requesting the remainder of my funds totaling $88.50 be refunded to my card or sent via check to the same mailing address provided for the shipment delivery.

Business Response
This customer was refunded in accordance with CandyWarehouse's return policy, which states that if an order is returned to us due to an incorrect address, "Customer will be responsible for the full cost of shipping as well as a twenty percent (20%) restocking fee." When placing the order, the customer checked a box acknowledging that she understood and agreed to our policies (see attached image).
However, we will refund the customer the remaining $88.50 as a courtesy while we work to settle this with UPS. Thank you.

11/03/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Candywarehouse sold a product that was stale and/or expired and would not accept a return for a refund.
Part of my order was ok, but the other part (Twizzler snack bars) were too stale to eat. I called customer service and spoke to a rep who would not give me his name, transfer me to another rep or to another manager (b/c he said his manager was not in), and then hung up on me. I called right back and got another rep who said the manager was on another line (so she was there). I exchanged a few emails with the Customer Service Manager and by their own admission, this was Halloween candy ordered "around" 7 months ago (and their website says this candy has a shelf life of 2 months), but as of today, they still continue to insist the candy was not expired or stale??? Everything except the Twizzlers in my order had an expiration date on it, so i called the manufacturing company (Hershey's) and asked them about this and they said their products are required to have a "Best By" date on them, and if they didn't, it was a pretty good indicator the product was old. When I brought this up to the Customer Service Manager, she advised she sent this to upper management, but still insisted the candy was not expired (but how would they know that if there is not a "Best Buy" date on them? I have yet to hear back from anyone in upper management. I left a message for the Operations Manager and the Owner/Founder of the company and have not heard back from them either. They keep telling me that they do not accept returns on food products, but their website says "satisfaction is guaranteed on all orders except for chocolate." So needless to say, I am not satisfied, and this candy was not chocolate and definitely not edible.

Their motto is "Fresh Candy Shipped Fast!" These Twizzlers were at least 7 months old (and that is from when CandyWarehouse received them, not from the date they were manufactured, and with no expiration date on them, they have no idea how old they really are, but either way, they are well past the 2 month shelf life advertised on their website). The manufacturer's rep said the code on Twizzlers was too old to register in their system, so they had to have been at least a year old. I have asked to return the Twizzlers for a refund and have been told no,and now they flat out refuse to respond to me.

Because Candywarehouse is a google trusted site i was able to sign up for purchase protection. Google has been attempting to contact them to help me resolve this, but they have not responded to them either. Google is working with me to resolve this, but I want to make sure it is on record how Candywarehouse has responded (or not responded) and that they are selling expired candy.

Desired Settlement
$81 for the stale/expired Twizzlers I purchased and have not been able to return. If Google let's me return the Twizzlers to them for a refund, I will reimburse them.

Business Response
Business response:
When we receive any calls from customers complaining about a product, we immediately pull the product and check for expiration dates and quality. We will open a package and have several employees inspect and sample the product to confirm quality, freshness and taste. Only when we determine that the product in question is in good condition will we then continue to sell it to our other many happy customers. If a product is determined to be in poor quality, we will refund a customer's costs completely, pay for all related shipping fees and pull all products in question off our shelves. We had countless other customers order Twizzlers that same week and had no other complaints. Unfortunately because so much time has passed ** this case, we are unable to re-examine the candy and check for any expiration dates, etc.
It is our responsibility to respond to every customer concern in a timely manner, and we deeply apologize that this did not happen. We regret that this customer did not enjoy the product and was left upset and unsatisfied. As a growing company, we consider this a learning experience and will embrace all opportunities to improve and increase customer satisfaction.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I offered to return the candy the day after I received it and was told that was not an option. I called and left several messages, and sent several emails to customer service management, operations management, warehouse management and even to the owner himself, with no response. So the only reason so much time has passed ** because they out right refused to respond to me or accept the return of the candy. Not one time did anyone from Candywarehouse offer to look at the pictures I took of the packaging (to show there were no dates) or to accept 1 or all of the bags of Twizzlers back to verify for themselves that there were no dates on them. So how can they say it is unfortunate, when ignoring a complaint for so long was a deliberate attempt to allow enough time to pass ** that they could use that exact excuse as a means to escape accountability? According to their Customer Service Manager, they still had these Twizzlers in their warehouse, so they didn't even need mine back to verify there were no dates on them, even though I did in fact offer to send them back many times.

And speaking of which, is there a reason Candywarehouse still has not directly addressed the fact that there were no expiration/best by dates on the Twizzlers, which in and of itself is in violation of the manufacturer's requirements? If they did in fact "pull them from the shelf to check the expiration date" after my complaint, why is there nothing in their response back to my initial emails indicating what the expiration date(s) were? (It's because there were dates, so they could not put that in writing, instead, they chose not to address that in their response). I tried several times to get them to respond to that, and all i was told was that it was "sent to "upper management to address", and then never heard from anyone at Candywarehouse again. Also, it's interesting to hear their response above about their return policy, when their only response to me (both during my initial call, and in their email response) was that they do not accept returns...that's all the 2 customer service reps, and the Manager repeated to me several times after my initial call the day after I received my order.

I will still be happy to send Candywarehouse anything they would like. All they had/have to do is respond to me and ask for what they need. I have pictures; I have screen shots of their website (to verify they guarantee customer satisfaction; that candy is sold "fresh"; that they give Twizzlers a 2 month shelf life; to verify that the Twizzlers were removed from their website the next day, etc.). I also have an email from their customer service dept to confirm they purchased the Twizzlers at least 7 months prior to selling them to me. I have documented calls, and letter from the manufacturer after our call. I have all of my communications with Google, who stepped in to handle this on my behalf (but still have not heard back from CandyWarehouse either). I will send them whatever they need, but they can not use the "too much time has passed" excuse because that is their own fault.

Not one time has anyone from Candywarehouse denied the fact that there was no expiration or "best by" date on them. The Customer Service Manager told me she went down to the warehouse and opened up a bag of the Twizzlers to taste them and they were "fine". I asked her if they had an expiration date and she refused to answer me. And is that really the way this company chooses to test the quality of a product's freshness? To have a Customer Service Manager open up a bag to taste it? I thought that is what an expiration or best by date was for? And since this product did not have that, and they ordered it at least 7 months before they sold it to me, how can 1 person tasting a piece of the candy be an adequate measure of it's freshness? And they can say now they had several people taste them and they were fine, but I also had several people try the candy and everyone had the same reaction, which was they were stale and had a terrible after taste. Even my husband, who eats everything in site (even when he doesn't really like something, he will eat it when it's there), grabbed a handful of the Twizzlers and then came right back in and threw them back in the bag after he tried to eat the first one and said how disgusting and stale they were. But Candywarehouse was so set on refusing the return, that they would not listen to anything I said, and then just ignored me.

When the manager told me others had purchased the candy and there were no complaints, I asked for something documenting when it had been purchased, and how much was purchased at one time because i would assume most people would not have purchased as many bags as I did at once. If I had purchased a bag or 2, I would not have complained; I would have just chalked it up as a loss and not ordered them again, but I purchased almost $100 worth of this candy and none of it was edible, so I was not going to just let it go. ******I would also like to add that as soon as I complained and was told the Twizzlers were "taste tested" by the Customer Service Manager, the very next day this candy was no longer listed on their website for purchase. So is that just a coincidence, or did they in fact remove them from their shelves as they should have?******

I find their apology for not responding in a timely manner to be insincere because they could have easily responded to me. Their lack of response was clearly done on purpose to avoid responsibility. If they truly wanted to resolve this and/or inspect the candy, they would have asked me to send back at least 1 bag for them to inspect. I think think their approach in which they handled this was very short-sighted on their part because I had purchased these Twizzlers (and other items) from them in the past, with no complaints, and would have purchased from them again in the future, had they handled this better. But, they lost a repeat customer over $81 and horrific customer service.

I have read so many complaints since my last purchase (on yelp and other review sites) about customers receiving stale candy form Candywarehouse and then being ignored by their customer service. So again, apologizing for not responding when this appears to be the way they conduct their business is meaningless, and they clearly don't stand behind their "customer satisfaction guaranteed" or "fresh candy shipped fast" mottos.

When I spoke to the manufacturer of the Twizzlers directly, I gave them the code on the candy bags and they said it was so old it was no longer in their system, so it was at least a year old. I even offered to call the manufacturer with Candywarehouse's Customer Service Manager on the line, and she refused to talk with them. Furthermore, even by Candywarehouse's own calculations, the candy was at least 7 months old, and their website gives Twizzlers a 2 month shelf life, so not only did they sell this product after their own "shelf life" expiration, they refused to acknowledge or respond to the fact that they sold this candy with no expiration date. The manufacturer said their candy is required to have an expiration or "best by" date on it, so the only reason Candywarehouse ignored my requests for them to accept the candy back was so they did not have to address the fact that they sold this candy without the required date(s). That would have been an easy thing to check; even if they would have just taken one bag back to inspect, but they refused to do that.

They had ample opportunity to examine the candy, but they made the decision not to accept the return. That was intentional, and I feel their lack of response was a tactic used in hopes I would just let the matter drop. I can assure you that the ONLY reason I have not continued to pursue them directly is because Google stepped in to handle this on my behalf (because I used Google's verified checkout for this purchase so my order was guaranteed through them). When they asked me for feedback on my purchase and I told them how horrible my experience had been with Candywarehouse, Google's customer service contacted me immediately,and they were amazing! (The complete opposite of my experience with Candywarehouse's customer service). Google attempted to contact Candywarehouse several times as well, with no response. I am running out of characters for this response, so I will be happy to provide you with additional information under separate correspondence if need be.

Final Business Response
CandyWarehouse's ultimate goal is to sell good products to satisfy customers. We always strive for excellence, but like anyone else, we sometimes make mistakes.

The way CandyWarehouse handled this customer complaint is unacceptable, to say the least. No customer should be given the run around or ignored. Although our policy is not to offer refunds, we should, and will, do so if a product is of unsatisfactory quality. The proper measures were not taken and we did not do our due diligence in resolving the matter. We are glad to know that the correct resolution was eventually reached, as Google was able to assist the customer.

I have supplied my personal contact information so that the customer can reach out to me directly. I can personally ensure that she will be responded to in a timely and proper manner. As mentioned before, we are deeply sorry that this customer was left upset and unsatisfied. We see this as a huge area of opportunity for improvement and to learn from past mistakes.

Final Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
The apology in CandyWarehouse's last response was written beautifully, and I wish I could take it at face value, but considering it only came after Google reimbursed me, 7 months after my purchase with them, and they still have never reached out to me to even discuss this, it seems to be more for the benefit of the BBB in hopes to appear as though they attempted to resolve this matter, when in fact they did not.

The truth of the matter is, CandyWarehouse did not propose a resolution to this; they simply are apologizing now, 7 months later, because Google stepped in and resolved this (not on behalf of CandyWarehouse though; Google handled this as a customer service issue because it was a Google Trusted Purchase and I was not satisfied with the purchase, so they made this right, not CandyWarehouse).

I'm not sure who from CandyWarehouse wrote their last response, but no one has supplied me with anyone's personal contact information to discuss this, nor has anyone from CandyWarehouse ever contacted me directly to address this, despite my repeated attempts. Their only response to me since our initial communications in April was via this complaint, and even that was several months after it was filed.

Apologizing and admitting they handled this incorrectly now just seems insincere. If they had taken that approach when this first started, I would have believed it was genuine and we wouldn't be having this conversation. But I called and emailed several levels of management and customer service at CandyWarehouse,including the owner himself, and never received a call or email back. It's only after Google reimbursed me that they became apologetic because they are in essence "off the hook" now.

The apology from CandyWarehouse is nice, but their actions have been, and still are, completely contradictory. Has CandyWarehouse reimbursed Google for the $81 they paid out on this? It wasn't Google's candy that was inedible, it was theirs. If their goal here is to seek resolution, and they are genuinely sorry for how they handled this, then they should make Google whole (but the last I heard from Google was that their attempts to reach CandyWarehouse had gone ignored as well).

At this point, the only proposed resolution I can suggest is to have CandyWarehouse reimburse Google the $81. My hopes of hearing from them directly to handle this amicably faded months ago, but they could still do the right thing here and pay Google back.

08/25/2014Problems with Product / Service

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