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Sales Engineer


Posted On: 4/26/2012

Description distributes high quality LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting products throughout the world from our headquarters office and warehouse in San Diego and satellite warehouses in the United States. Visit our "about us" section here:

The Sales Engineer sells LED lighting products in our office using mainly phone and email. Customers are all over the world and include lighting designers, architects, electrical contractors, original equipment manufacturers and other businesses and professionals, plus consumers. The Sales Engineer will also sell to some customers when they visit our offices for demonstrations or to pick up orders.

Engineering Responsibilities:
Some of our products are somewhat complicated to install. The Sales Engineer must be able to provide the basic pre- and post- sale engineering and installation services necessary to install the systems he/she sells, including:
• Sketching layouts, showing length and placement of lighting, drivers and controls;
• Calculation of loads, in order to choose the right size drivers and other components;
• Creating an associated Bill of Materials and quote for the lighting package, including options;
• Providing installation advice.

The Sales Engineer Should Know:
• the basics of lighting, including illuminance and intensity metrics, color mixing and spectral power distribution and geometry of beam angles;
• electrical engineering principles, including Ohm's law, power calculations, power factors, pulse width modification, wire sizing and electrical product installation techniques.

Sales Responsibilities:
The Sales Engineer position is, most importantly, a sales position, more than an engineering position. Compensation and performance reviews emphasize that the primary role of the sales person is to maximize the sales call revenue opportunities, subject to the ethical and legal conduct.

The Sales Engineer will assist other employees in the office by occasionally answering the phone directly, even if it is for somebody else's customer. Responsibilities may also include product testing, custom kitting and even order packing for key opportunities.

Sales leads may be provided by the company in several ways including on-line advertising campaigns, trade publications, print catalogs, technical/sales marketing materials, customer referrals, sample orders as well as the Environmental Lights website. Sales Engineers are expected to be self starters and make the most of these sales opportunities. Organization, initiative and follow up are critical to sales success at Environmental Lights. The Sales Engineer's role is to provide value and create reasons why customers buy from Environmental Lights.


Required Attributes:
• Organized, accurate, detail-oriented and professional style.
• Excellent communication skills, written and oral. Pleasant phone manner.
• Great people skills and ability to sell and debug systems over the phone.
• Strong adaptation and improvisational skills.
• College degree; good grades, generally B (3.2 GPA) or better.
• Motivated by commissions.

If you think you have what it takes to be a sales engineer with Environmental Lights, please reply with a resume and a cover letter which addresses the answer to this question:
Why do you think you would enjoy, and be successful, working as a Sales Engineer with Environmental Lights?

*Environmental Lights is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

*Principles only

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Contact Information

Jordan Brooks Phone Number: 888-880-1880 Email:
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