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Sr. Systems Engineer


Horizon Computer Resources Inc

Posted On: 8/8/2012


Job Summary

As the Sr.Systems Engineer, you are the primary technical resource and are responsible forevaluating and selecting appropriate technology solutions; and designing,implementing and supporting those solutions while working in conjunction withthe Sales and Support Teams as a key technical advisor.

Essential Job Functions


  • Strong verbal andwritten communication skills, positive attitude, professional appearance andexcellent listening skills.

  • Evaluate, design and build solutions that willinclude but not be limited to data networks, Windows Server2000/2003/2008/Small Business, Citrix, EMR, Active Directory, Exchange 2000,2003, 2007 and 2010, Storage solutions, hosted websites, databases, backups,telecommunications systems, and third-party business applications for clients

  • Articulate technology and product positioning to both business andtechnical users

  • Prepare project plans,time, and cost estimates for completing projects

  • Identify all technicalissues to assure proper implementation and complete customer satisfactionthrough all stages of the process

  • Prepare network topologydiagrams, installation procedures, configuration steps, and workflow charts

  • Interface withsoftware/hardware vendors to ensure that solution minimum specifications aremet and preferably exceeded

  • Reviewing all proposalsbefore they are sent to potential clients with the goal of zero changes toproposed solution during implementation

  • Must be able tomulti-task, have outstanding analytical abilities, and work in a fast pacedenvironment



General Requirements


  • Minimum of 10-15 yearsof experience in IT industry

  • Minimum of 5 Years ofmanaging an IT environment

  • Strong knowledge andimplementation experience of Networking Infrastructure (Firewalls, Routers,Switches, V-LANs, etc…)

  • Strong knowledge andimplementation experience with virtual solutions (VMware, MS Hyper-V,XenServer)

  • Strong knowledge andimplementation experience with Windows Server operating systems

  • Strong knowledge andimplementation experience with storage solutions (DAS, SAN, Clusters, etc…)

  • Perform networktrouble-shooting to diagnose and isolate complex network problems

  • Project managementmethodology and change management

  • Work effectively with othervendors depending upon the nature and scope of the project

  • Strong business andfinancial acumen

  • Demonstrates excellentproduct and company knowledge

  • Excellent timemanagement skills

  • Excellent questioningand presentation skills, effective at all levels of target customerorganization


  • Bachelor Degree in IT orequivalent work experience
  • Technical CertificationsPreferred



Computers Hardware, Software & Services Computers Hardware, Software & Services

Contact Information

Pamela Rogers Phone Number: 760-692-5200 Email:
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