10 Things to Know When Hiring a Contractor

December 07, 2013
  1.  BBB Rating & Report – Check out a company’s BBB rating and complaint history at www.bbb.org, which is fast, easy and free.
  2. Cost Comparisons – Get at least three written bids and take the time to learn why they may be different.
  3. Licensing – Check to see if the company you plan to hire is properly licensed for the work they’re doing.
  4. Insurance – Be sure to verify the company’s liability insurance to protect you against any damage. Check them out with your state’s department of insurance.
  5. References – Ask for references from their precious three jobs and check them out before you sign a contract.
  6. Written Contract – Before work starts, have a signed, written contract including start and completion dates, exact costs, specific work to be done, and warranty information.  Read find print carefully and understand all terms before signing.
  7. Deposit Required & Payment – Upfront deposit should not be more than 10% of the total job cost and final payment should only be due when the job is completed. Pay by check and credit card to keep a record of payments.
  8. Warranty – Obtain warranty information in writing on all products and installation and read fine print carefully.
  9. Bonding – Be sure all workers are bonded to protect you against theft and damage.
  10. Permits – Make sure that your contractor pulls all appropriate permits for the work they are doing.