Making Your Business Senior Friendly

December 07, 2013

The elderly population is increasing three times faster than any other age group. Today, these consumers have a more active lifestyle, live longer, work longer and spend more money. They now represent the fastest growing segment of the marketplace.

Seniors are loyal customers and appreciate it when companies go the extra mile to make their visit more convenient and comfortable. What is your business doing to attract and keep these consumers?

The Better Business Bureau receives inquiries and complaints from elderly consumers on a daily basis and here's what they look for when selecting a business.

  1. Reputation. Older consumers are very likely to use a consumer agency to check the history and reputation of a company before doing business.
  2. Service after the Sale. Businesses should contact their senior customers to see how they are getting along with the product or service. Offer support or additional materials if needed.
  3. Guarantee or Warranty of the Product or Workmanship. Offer to stand behind your sale.
  4. Making the Elderly Consumer Comfortable. Train your younger sales people how to deal with older consumers. Provide a quiet place to discuss business. If possible, provide written information about the product or service in large print.
  5. Your Facility. Is the office or store easy to move through? Is there a place to sit and rest? Is your music appropriate to their taste? Consider conducting a safety audit or fall prevention audit in your establishment.
  6. Advertising. Consider placing your ads in media that appeal to these mature readers, viewers and listeners. Use senior models in your advertising. Do not be afraid to ask for their business.