In Pursuit of Ethics

Businesses and consumers are concerned by the erosion of ethical conduct in our workplace, schools, and communities. In Pursuit of Ethics is a sensible and appropriate way to ensure consistent ethical behavior throughout the education and business environment.


About the Program

In Pursuit of Ethics was developed to create an in-depth discussion of ethical issues by displaying real-life situations in an entertaining way. The program is interactive, and the audience makes the decisions and selects the direction of the program. Correct and incorrect answers all have consequences… and they aren’t always predictable!

Program Modules

The program has six modules that deal with ethical dilemmas relating to banking, auto repair, home remodeling, insurance, retail, bullying, & education. 


A skilled facilitator in each session
All Printed Materials
Certificate upon completion of the course

By helping participants understand how their own decisions and actions will have consequences, In Pursuit of Ethics promotes the real-world rewards of establishing a good reputation.


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