Metal-Work Business Axed by Complaints

August 01, 2014

West Sacramento, Calif. - When you’re looking for a unique, custom-made product you’re likely to resort to the internet, but who can you trust with your purchase?

When consumers were looking for hand-forged metal work they stumbled upon Fort Turner, a business out of Siskiyou County, Calif., selling tomahawks, sheaths and throwing knives. But the ‘F’ rated business currently has 33 complaints and has left several consumers out of some hundred dollars or more after they failed to make deliveries months and years after orders were placed.

Fort Turner Axed by ComplaintsGenerally, complainants describe ordering product through the business website and expecting an eight week delivery. For most, eight weeks came and went, and still no product. Many complain of difficulty getting a response from the business, and when they did, the owner often cited broken machinery or an overwhelming amount of orders as the reason for delay. Some report that they did in fact receive the product but long after orders were placed - some as long as a year.

A customer who purchased a tomahawk to be awarded to a soldier at a military reunion remains unsatisfied while waiting five months with no product and now wanting a refund. Despite many promises by Fort Turner, the business failed to deliver in time for the event. The organizer was forced to pay another vendor for a tomahawk, but luckily received it in just eight days. At last report, the customer claimed the business ignored his request for a refund.

BBB contacted the business owner, Dana Turner, concerned about the pattern of failing to deliver or delivering within his stated time frame, and that the business may be in violation of the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) Mail Order Rule. According to the FTC Rule, if a business cannot deliver products within the given time frame they must inform the consumer of the delay and provide them with the opportunity of choosing to cancel their order. The business must also provide the consumer with an updated date of delivery, or otherwise deliver within 30 days. Mr. Turner informed us that his website states deliveries would take “at least” eight weeks but our review of the website on July 29th, 2014 states that due to order volume, delivery is “about” eight weeks. 

 Tips for making a purchase online:  

  • Do your research. Go to to find a reputable business. Find BBB Business Reviews, including: ratings, company background information, complaints, and customer reviews.
  • Pay with a credit card. When making a purchase, using a credit card can protect you. According to the Fair Credit Billing Act, under certain circumstances you have until 60 days to dispute charges.
  • Know your rights. According to the FTC’s Mail or Telephone Merchandise Order Rule, if a business cannot deliver products within the given time frame, they must inform the consumer of the delay in a timely manner. Consumers must be provided the opportunity of choosing to cancel their order, or agree to the delay of delivery. If the delay of delivery is agreed upon, a seller must provide them with an updated delivery date or otherwise deliver within 30 days.
  • Exceptions to the rule. The following purchases by mail order do not apply to the Mail Order Rule: magazine subscriptions, except for the first shipment, seed and growing plants, photo-finishing, Collect-On-Delivery orders, and negative option sales. If you are applying for credit to pay for the merchandise, the business has 350 days to ship your purchase once they receive the order.
  • Satisfied with a purchase? Visit to write a customer review and inform future customers. 

Image credit: William M. Plate Jr. - Welding, licensed under Public Domain