Concrete Formwork Company Takes Steps to Cure Complaints

July 25, 2014


Sacramento, Calif. - When businesses make large purchases with long-standing, seemingly reputable companies they expect to get the goods they paid for. But when complainants from the British Virgin Islands, Canada, and the United States ordered formwork from National Forming and Shoring Co., their materials never came. As a result, the company has begun issuing refunds and claims that changes are in the works to prevent delivery issues in the future.Formwork Example

The manufacturing company buys, sells, and trades new and used concrete formwork - forms that are used to hold concrete while it’s curated during the construction of homes and other buildings. BBB has received delivery complaints against the company in the past, and they typically responded by issuing refunds. But once more, the company has failed to deliver.

Recent complainants report they received incomplete orders, or that the company failed to deliver their formwork altogether. One business in L’Ange-Gardien, Quebec estimated their missing materials at over $32,000. They reported paying an additional $8,892 to rent the materials from another company. A business also complained that although the company offered to refund their money and even mailed a check, it bounced due to insufficient funds.

When BBB contacted Kraig Anderson, President, for comment on our story, he indicated awareness of the complaints and began to issue refunds. As of July 18, 2014, we received confirmation that two complainants received refunds after BBB contacted Anderson. While not all customers have received refunds or fulfillment of their order, the company did indicate that they will also take additional steps, such as hiring a customer service representative, to help prevent delivery issues in the future. 

Nonetheless, some complaints have not been adequately responded to and are unresolved or unanswered.  In some cases, BBB believes the complaint allegations to be of a serious nature and as a result has issued an ‘F’ rating.

Prior to making large purchases, businesses should consider hiring an escrow service to better secure their transaction. Also be sure to get every part of the agreement in writing prior to making any payments.

Business Tips for Making a Purchase:

  • Find a business you can TRUST. Go to to research BBB Business Reviews, including: ratings, company background information, complaints, and customer reviews.
  • Get estimates when possible.  It is smart to get a few estimates from reliable businesses. Compare the costs, but don’t always jump to the lowest bid. The businesses may be charging more for quality materials and experience. Do not allow the business to pressure you into making an on-the-spot decision.
  • Ask for references. A reputable business should be happy to provide a list of recent references to potential customers. Contact the references and ask if they were satisfied with the business and the finished product.  
  • Get everything in writing.  Make sure all the business’ information is included on the invoice or contract. The contract or invoice should also include: the estimated delivery date, payment schedule, and what items are covered under warranty. All verbal promises should also be included.
  • Consider hiring an escrow service or obtain a performance bond. For a small fee, escrow services will hold your payment until you confirm that you received the product you were promised within an agreed upon period of inspection. The service then forwards your payment to the seller.
  • Satisfied with your purchase? Leave a customer review at to inform future customers.