Coupon Advertisers Get Clipped

March 20, 2013
SACRAMENTO, Ca.,  – Better Business Bureau warns companies to be wary when doing business with Star Marketing after four business owners complained to BBB that the company failed to produce paid-for promotional books.  
Business owners throughout the Sacramento area tell BBB that after paying the alleged owner of Star Marketing, Tom Demiro, between $100 and $2,400 to be included in coupon books, the company allegedly failed to complete the books and did not follow through on refund promises. 
“We were told that (our store) would appear in 20,000 coupon books in the area,” said a Sacramento comic book store owner. “Repeated phone calls were always about how he was waiting for proofs.” The store owner is still waiting for his coupon books to be produced 11 months after paying Star Marketing.
When the business owners attempt to reach the company, the company allegedly offers to refund the money or deliver the coupon books. However, the complainants contend the company fails to follow through on either solution. 
“I gave him a $200 check which he immediately cashed,” said a Grass Valley party supply store owner who paid Star Marketing in June 2011. “I haven’t seen any coupon books. I would like the $200 back that I paid him.” 
A BBB representative spoke with a man identifying himself as the owner of Star Marketing on February 26, 2013. The man stated that he would be refunding three of the complainants within two weeks. As of March 20, 2013, the three complainants tell BBB they did not receive a refund of their money. 
“No matter what sort of business you are conducting, it is important to research vendors before contracting or paying for services,” said Gary Almond, president of BBB serving northeast California. “Ask for references, call the references and check out the company at”
BBB offers the following advice when doing business with door-to-door sale people:
•Take 24 hours to think over any business decision. Avoid paying for anything on the spot.
•Research the business before pursuing any sort of transaction. Check them out at and type the company name into a search engine. 
•Get a written contract for all business transactions. Ensure production and delivery dates are stated in the contract. 
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Reporters: Business owners available for interview. For contact information, contact Cailin Peterson at 916-307-4199.