‘Sunrise Nissan Auto Dismantling’ Leaves Cars In Pieces

February 10, 2011

Don’t BREAKDOWN Buying Used Auto Parts

The BBB serving northeast California has received over three dozen complaints from consumers across the country against Sunrise Nissan Auto Dismantling of Rancho Cordova, claiming to receive incorrect or defective merchandise, if any, and despite promises - no refund.

The company’s website claims that “all parts are tested and guaranteed for six months” and that they “Provide Quality Used And New Auto Parts,” yet consumers state that not only are incorrect parts sent, some parts arrive damaged or defective, or unusable.

One Stockton consumer said; “I paid $450 for a short block for my vehicle, and then a mechanic $750 to install it. The mechanic told me the short block arrived broken, so now I’m out the $750 for installation on top of what I paid for the part.”

Others claim the guarantee is difficult to effect. One local customer, who is not alone with this complaint, said; “I paid Sunrise Nissan $64 for a front strut for my Nissan Sentra, and when I went to install it, it was completely the wrong part. I returned on three separate occasions and they told me their policy was ‘no refunds, no exceptions.’”

Although the parts many receive are incorrect or defective, consumers claim the company will not cover the return shipping fees which often amount to hundreds of dollars. Even so, when some customers made the effort and paid to ship the item back, the promised refund never materialized. One Colorado man said; “I bought a faulty transmission for $700 and they said they’d give me a refund if I sent it back... I’ve been waiting for my refund for five months and now they’re dodging my phone calls.”

When a company makes a guarantee, consumers assume they will stand behind it,” said Gary Almond, President of the BBB serving Northeast CA “Rightfully so, consumers are frustrated that this company fails to live up to their guarantee.”

In the past 12 months, the BBB has received over 81 inquiries about Sunrise Nissan Auto Dismantling who currently has an F rating with the BBB for receiving 37 complaints in the past 36 months and for failing to respond in 35 instances. In two instances, the company offered a refund.

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