5/12/2014 I am very disappointed in how this whole process has gone. I talked to ***** and the tech before starting the project to make sure everything was going to work together. I was told it would be set up for my 120 volt equipment and include the 1 1/2" plumbing prior to shipment. Upon ordering, I was told it would be two extra days to ship the controller do to stocking issues. The controller was out of stock and that took an extra week and half to arrive. Once received I discovered the incorrect connectors were shipped, I contacted the company about the connectors and it took a week and a half to get the correct ones. I didn't discover the controller was not set for 120 volts until after receiving the other parts so I could continue my project. Thinking I would now be able to replace my controller I discover the controller is not compatible with 120 volt power without replacing the transformer inside the unit. I am now on hold again waiting on the transformer, they are sending it Monday I should have it Thursday. They made it sound like they were doing me a favor by sending me the correct transformer at no charge by priority mail, I think it should have been sent next day or overnight due to their errors not mine. This situation would be different if I had assumed this would work and just ordered it but I inquired and was told every thing would be ready to install and nothing was as I ordered it. I guess shopping for the best price is not always the best way to go, my local spa store would have been about $100 more but my project would have been complete 3 weeks ago.
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by Dave S. on 5/12/2014 | Submit a Customer Review


Comment from the Business This customer first contacted us in early March about his project. We exchanged pictures and helped him with his retrofit questions. We offered to include reducers to adapt the new equipment to his plumbing. When he ordered the equipment, more than 2 weeks later, the reducers were not mentioned, and we failed to remember to add them to the order. The delay in shipping was due to a materials shortage at the factory and beyond our control. He was advised of the delay and he agreed to wait. By the time he had all of the components and attempted to install his equipment, it was noted that the reducers had not been included. When it was brought to our attention, we had them sent right away. Unfortunately, the controller was sent with a 220v transformer. When he advised us of this situation, we sent him a 120v transformer immediately. We regret that this customer is not happy with our service. We work very hard to have satisfied customers. We have responded to each issue and provided the item needed as quickly as possible and have always been cordial to him. by on 5/20/2014

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