Key Staff


Steve J. Bernas - President & CEO

Michael Boyadjian - Advertising Review Specialist

Nina Castle - Manager of the Charitable Solicitation Program

Rhonda Drew - Assistant Manger, Automotive Division

Chelsea Cohen - Assistant Manager of Investigations

Esther Beltran - Dispute Resolution Specialist, Home & Financial Services

Lucille Garcia - Dispute Resolution Specialist, Home & Financial Services

Artina Williams - Dispute Resolution Specialist, Personal Services

Alexandra Gonzalez - Business Accrediation Renewal Specialist

Lydia Gonzalez- Business Accrediation Review Specialist

Dennis Horton - Director-Rockford BBB

Tom Joyce - Vice President of Marketing & Public Relations

Madeline Kish - Manager of Marketing & Communications

Frank Laterza - Director of Business Relations / Assistant to the President

Laura Levko - Director of Operations

Barbara Lucas - Manager of Business Relations

Jeff Mathews - Director of Business Development and Digital Strategy

Citlali Meza- Business Accrediation Review Specialist

Heather Newcomb - Assistant Director, Operations

Melanie Nicasio - Business Accreditation Review Specialist

Carly Ramsay - Business Accreditation Renewal Specialist

Sarah Riggins - Dispute Resolution Specialist, Personal Services

Kathy Storm - Executive Assistant to the President

Agnes Sutor - Assistant Director, Business Relations

Nita Virghes - Assistant Manager, Direct Retail Services

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