Electric Foam 5K More Duds Than Suds

June 05, 2014

The Electric Foam 5k has been planned in cities all over the country.  It is an event where runners travel through a wall of foam while dancing away to music.  But some runners say this fun run is anything but.

The Electric Foam 5K shown in photos on the website appears to be an amazing time. Runners get great exercise on what’s billed as a fun electric music race course.  It culminates with a DJ show and amazing foam festival where participants practically drown in bubbles.

But when runners got to a recent race at a parking lot in Madison, Wisconsin, their bubbles were burst, and it wasn’t the kind of bubbles they were looking for.

“It was bath-time bubbles coming through a fence. And you could kind of pick them up and go,’ woo!’” said runner Jamie.  “They made it seem like you were going to be running through, you know, large quantities of foam,” says fellow runner Shannon.

Disgruntled runners claimed it was false advertising; nothing promised was delivered.  Next they warned runners who planned to attend the Columbus Electric Foam 5K that they might find the race to be different than they expected. 

“There was supposed to be a big DJ, foam everywhere, glow sticks, people dancing, just like an awesome party and there was nothing,” recalls Shannon.  “Just be wary that this kind of situation may be out there and make sure what you’re signing up for is in fact what it’s going to be.”

Electric Foam 5K races have been cancelled in Dallas, TX, Myrtle Beach, SC and Columbus, OH. This past weekend, the race scheduled for May 31st in Charleston, SC was postponed due to “inclement weather” and “dangerous conditions.”

When the Electric Foam 5k cancelled the race in Dallas, the announcement on their website promised full refunds within four to six weeks.  A Groupon deal for the cancelled June 7th Columbus race shows at least 250 people already paid money for the event.

In the meantime, the Better Business Bureau has given Electric Foam 5k’s parent company in North Carolina an F grade. The company hasn’t responded to any requests for comment.

“Before you sign up for a race like this, do your research,” advises Tom Gallagher, president and CEO of BBB Serving Central Virginia. Make sure you understand cancellation policies and use your credit card in case you need to dispute the charge. Use online resources to search the name of the event and check reviews.