BBB Will Publish the Text of Consumer Complaints Starting October 1, 2012

August 31, 2012

With more and more consumers relying on ratings and word of mouth advice on who to do business with, the BBB system has mandated that all BBBs must begin publishing the details of reportable complaints no later than July 31, 2013. Your BBB serving Central Virginia has selected October 1, 2012, as the date we will begin publishing complaint detail. Here are the details about this policy change:

· Some BBBs have been publishing the details of complaints for several years and have received positive feedback from businesses and consumers. Having a complaint in itself is not a reason to refrain from doing business with a company. What’s important is how a business replies and how they deal with customers who have complaints. BBB complaint information can give consumers special insight into how a business handles issues.

· Since August 16, 2012, our BBB has been letting businesses and their customers know we may post their complaints online. The information is available on our complaint website and in our written communications concerning complaints.

· On October 1, 2012, we will publish those complaints filed electronically on or after August 16, 2012, when our office closes them.

· Complaint details will be accessible from a business’s BBB Business Review. For each complaint we will report the exchange between the customer and the business.

· We don’t change the description of the complaint we receive from a customer or the business response except to protect privacy rights and to remove inappropriate language.

· For most businesses, we will publish all the complaints we receive against them, but for businesses with a high volume of complaints we expect to post 10% of them to provide consumers with a representative sample. The only other exception is where we can’t edit the complaint sufficiently to protect a person’s privacy rights. Otherwise, we publish all complaints we receive.

If you have any questions about complaint reporting, please feel free to contact Barbara Homiller or Crystal Hanvey at 804-648-0030 or 888-648-0030.