The Consumer Rejects My Offer and There’s Nothing More I Can Do!!!

June 26, 2012

A consumer complained that a little over a month ago she had taken her two-year old child to a salon to get his hair trimmed.  She explained to the stylist how much to take off.  The stylist was very nice, cut his hair, and the consumer and child left to run errands.  While at another store, the consumer noticed her son’s hair was very short in back.  When she went home and bathed him, she could see the cut was uneven all over. 

The next morning, she called the salon to complain.  The salon employee on the phone apologized and said she would make a note and if the consumer came in, the manager would fix the cut.  The consumer went right over and a stylist said she would blend his hair so it would look better without losing more of his curls.  The stylist cut all his hair the same length (very short) and the consumer was in tears.  She asked to speak with the manager who offered to give her son a free haircut.  The consumer rejected the offer saying she would never bring her son there for a haircut again.

That’s when the consumer contacted BBB.  She requested a refund from the company and to have someone investigate the stylist’s license.

We spoke with the salon manager who felt she had already done more than required for the consumer.  She offered to give the consumer a refund but the consumer would need to speak with her directly to make arrangements to get the refund.  The consumer told us the manager’s offer would not resolve her complaint.  The consumer said she had spoken with the manager and didn’t think the manager was very nice.  Therefore, she wanted the manager to mail the refund to her without having to speak with her.

We closed the complaint administratively because we believe the company did all they could to resolve the issue, even though the consumer remained dissatisfied.  While we might feel it would be best to go ahead and mail the check to the consumer; we are not going to make an issue out of the manner in which the refund is delivered unless the company is obviously making it difficult for the consumer to get the refund.  Of course, if the consumer later came back and said she never received the refund, we would contact the company again.  BBB is neutral about the decision to refund the cost of the service; however, once the offer has been made, we expect the company to stand by their offer.