BBB Helps an Accredited Business Keep a Customer

May 11, 2012

In early February, a consumer contacted BBB about furniture purchased from an accredited business.  The furniture was delivered in damaged condition. The store sent a repair technician out to make the necessary repairs.  Unfortunately, the repairs did not hold up.   At that point the consumer was completely frustrated and her correspondence reflected her state of mind:

• The store has asked her to resubmit documentation of the problem when she had done so only weeks before
• She was experiencing great inconvenience due to time taken from work
• She was concerned that she had purchased new furniture and through no fault of her own was asked to accept “repaired” furniture
• A wall in her house was damaged during the delivery, and despite a promise by the company to repair the damage, no repair had been made

To make matters worse, the company tried to deliver a new set of furniture, only to discover it, too, was already damaged when it came off the truck.  While the driver could, and did, take the second set back, he was not authorized to take the original set of damaged furniture with him.

That’s when BBB heard from the consumer.  By now, she wanted the sale cancelled, the furniture picked up, and her money returned.  Not a happy resolution for either party!

A BBB representative spoke with the consumer and the business.  As a neutral third party, BBB can put aside the emotion and help both parties focus on a resolution to the problem.  We spoke with key staff at the store and it was clear that difficulty in scheduling an appointment to examine the problem was causing frustration on both sides.  We encouraged the consumer to try again and allow the store to try to correct the problem.  While there were still missteps with cancelled appointments, BBB’s representative continued to work with both parties.  By mid-April the consumer had agreed that she would be satisfied if a repair could bring the furniture to a like-new condition.  Just last week we received a message that the store had been able to repair the furniture to the customer’s satisfaction and the complaint was closed.