Military Members At Risk for Identity Theft

December 17, 2010
Members of the military are no strangers to offering up their social security number. The unique number is used to identify laundry bags, to check out basketballs from the gym, and filling out health forms. However, this practice subjects military members to an increased threat of identity theft, reports the New York Times.

The conclusion comes from a report written by ex-Army intelligence officer, and now West Point professor, Lt. Col. Gregory Conti. He calls for the riddance of the identification system used since the 1960s.

Representatives from the military say they are trying to fix the problem, with the Navy and Marines being the first to do so. A statement by the Department of Defense states that social security numbers will no longer be printed on new military ID cards starting in May.

Recently, there have been instances of identity theft rings targeting soldiers, accessing important information that can damage credit, and ruin the chances of receiving a security clearance or promotion.

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