Identity Theft Scam Targets Job Hunters

October 05, 2010

The Orlando Sentinel reported in a recent article about a global identity-theft scheme that used stolen corporate information to scam hundreds of thousands of job hunters. The scheme uses fake websites, bulk emails, fake job applications and bank fraud to steal personal data and money.

The scam was discovered by Orlando business owner, Steven Miguel, who started to receive inquiries about help-wanted ads on his business’ website. Miguel’s construction project management company has taken the scheme to court and plans to sue, hoping to repair his company’s tarnished reputation. The business is one of many Florida companies who have been targeted.

 The scheme has international ties, including information from countries such as Russia, Poland and Germany, as well as in other U.S. states, including Washington. Since the case was brought to court, officials have attempted to block scammers from further action but have been unsuccessful.

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