Two New Work-at-Home Re-Shipping Scams

June 30, 2010

Two BBBs have recently issued warnings about work-at-home scams offering work that involves shipping packages overseas.  The first scam is to be a “gift wrapper” for Best Buy; the second, to be a “mail manager” for an online company.

BBB serving Minnesota and North Dakota reports that the name of the major retailer Best Buy has been misappropriated in a scam that offers job seekers the chance to be a “Best Buy gift wrapper.”  As with most re-shipping scams, the job involves the “employee” repackaging and shipping overseas stolen merchandise or items that have been ordered from mail-order or auction sites and not paid for.  The legitimate Best Buy wants anyone seeking employment with them to know that all Best Buy jobs in the US are posted via their Web sites, or Best Buy does not solicit or accept job applications or resumes via email.  Any inquiry from a Best Buy recruiter inviting a candidate to apply for a position will include an invitation to apply via the Best Buy career site or in person inside one of their store locations.

The next warning comes from the BBB of South Alabama.  They received a complaint from a customer who had found a “work-at-home” job online, working as a “mail manager” for an online company,  The first package the “mail manager” received was two large bottles of Chanel #5 perfume to be sent to Russia.  The second package to be shipped turned out to contain dozens of pre-paid SIM cards that had been paid for with a stolen credit card.

To avoid being caught up in a work-at-home scam such as these, read the BBB tips on the red flags that can help identify reshipping and forwarding scams.