Educational Consumer Tips

Get Rich Quick Schemes

Author: Better Business Bureau

Better Business Bureau Report Date Printed: 5-4-94


Here are some helpful tips from the Council of Better Business Bureaus:

Magazine and television advertisements, which tout ways you can make thousands, or even millions of dollars with little effort are usually short on facts and long on anecdotes of how many people, have made a fortune with the plans. What these advertisements don't tell you is that you may have substantial hidden costs before you can start making money or you may be answering an ad for an illegal mail order or pyramid scheme.

These plans can end up costing you more than the advertised fees, and they involve much more than writing a few letters, or making a few phone calls a day. More often than not, the only people who make money from these plans are the ones who sell them. It is the revenue from selling the plan that adds up to thousands of dollars for the advertisers, not for you.

Ask yourself why an advertiser would want to share his or her secrets to wealth with you. Keep in mind that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

For further information, the CBBB publications entitled, "Multi-Level Marketing" and "Mail-Order Profit Mirages" are available upon request.