10/30/2013 Working with juvenile’s everyday can be very challenging and frustrating to say the least. After being taught CCG and ways to calm every storm, I have accepted the challenge to resolve crisis situations with verbal interventions. When dealing with juveniles in a correctional environment you need to take advantage of every teachable moment because the population of teenagers we deal with will return back into our communities. Crisis Consultant Group has been a huge part of the instrumental progress our facility has made in improving the growth of juvenile offenders. ******* **** is very passionate about this program, he has firsthand experience of crisis situations and his positive motivation has inspired me to become a trainer for our facility. I can honestly say CCG works. Most situations can be resolved with verbal interventions but the situations where a physical intervention is needed CCG has given our staff a safe (injury reduced) and very effective way to respond to our clients in crisis. I believe in CCG and I love teaching the skills to our staff which benefits not only employees but the clients we supervise as well. CCG is easy to learn, very effective, keeps both the client and staff in safe respectful positions.
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