Scam Alerts for February 2013

February 27, 2013

In an effort to keep the public informed, Better Business Bureau serving Eastern North Carolina offers monthly Scam Alerts:

BBB has been alerted that consumers nationwide are receiving phony letters stating that they have won two airline tickets courtesy of “U.S. Airlines” or “American Airways.” BBB warns that these are not actual companies and consumers have not won any tickets. When consumers call the number provided to claim their tickets, they are pressured to provide a credit card number to pay for fees and taxes. BBB reminds consumers to use caution when asked to provide any credit card information or other personal information. If an offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

BBB cautions consumers about a recent e-mail scam with the subject “Your Photos.” The body of the e-mail often says “as promised your photos” and provides a link to click on. BBB warns that this link contains a virus and advises consumers to delete the e-mail immediately. Consumers can test links by using their mouse to hover over them and viewing the destination link. BBB reminds consumers to avoid clicking on any questionable links or attachments, especially if the e-mail is from an unknown source.

BBB has been alerted that consumers are receiving calls from scam artists, who often claim to be with Microsoft Windows, regarding a virus on their computers. The scam artists tell consumers that they can fix the virus and request upfront payment. Consumers allege that the scam artists use high pressure tactics and make it difficult for them to end the conversation. BBB reminds consumers to never provide any credit card information or other personal information to an unknown caller.

BBB warns consumers that scam artists are making phone calls claiming to represent the National Do Not Call Registry. According to, “The calls claim to provide an opportunity to sign up for the Registry. These calls are not coming from the Registry or the Federal Trade Commission, and you should not respond to these calls.” The National Do Not Call Registry gives consumers an opportunity to limit the telemarketing calls they receive. BBB reminds consumers to not provide personal information to unknown callers, including bank information, Social Security numbers and contact information.