BBB Scam Alert: Your Photos E-mail Scam

December 05, 2012

Better Business serving Eastern North Carolina advises consumers to beware of an e-mail scam with the subject “Your Photos.” BBB has been alerted that numerous consumers nationwide have received these scam e-mails over the past few months.

The body of the e-mail often says “Hello, your photos” and provides a link to click on. BBB warns that this link contains a virus and advises consumers to delete the e-mail immediately.

BBB offers the following advice to consumers who receive these e-mails:

  • Do not click on any of the links or attachments provided.
  • Never reply to the e-mail or provide any personal information.
  • Delete the e-mail immediately. If you a receiving a significant number of these e-mails, it may be worthwhile to set a junk mail rule. By setting a rule, you can automatically send any e-mail with the subject “Your Photos” to your junk mail.

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