Scam Alert!

January 19, 2012

An e-mail scam using BBB's name is flooding inboxes across the nation today. This e-mail is fraudulent! Ignore its contents and delete it immediately. Follow these tips to avoid malware and phishing attacks:

  • Do not open any attachments
  • Do not click on any links, even if it looks legitimate
  • Delete the email from your inbox, and then delete it again from your trash or recycling folder
  • Run a full system scan using a reputable virus software scanner
  • Forward scam emails to

If you receive an email saying your business has a complaint filed against it with BBB, there are several things you can do to authenticate it:

  • Look for typos, grammatical errors, etc. in the text that could indicate it originated overseas
  • Check to see who it says it is from. Complaints go out from the local BBBs, not from the headquarters office
  • Hover your mouse over the link to see if its destination is really a address
  • Copy and paste the link into Notepad (not Word), as Notepad does not support html, so if the link is a fake address, the real link will show up
  • If you still are not sure, contact your local BBB