Better Business Bureau Launches BBB Marketplace

January 22, 2013

Better Business Bureau serving Eastern NC is pleased to introduce BBB Marketplace, a marketing platform for local businesses to communicate and offer exclusive discounts to the community.

BBB Marketplace allows individuals and businesses in the community to browse offers from local Accredited Businesses and see savings of 20%-90% off retail. If consumers do not find what they are looking for, they can request the product or service, and BBB Marketplace will put you in touch with a local and trusted Accredited Business who can service your needs. BBB Marketplace allows anyone in the community to view offerings, make requests, and purchase products and services, but only BBB Accredited Businesses can make offers and respond to requests.

“We are excited to offer a new way for our Accredited Businesses to connect with the community,” said Toby Barfield, president and CEO of BBB serving Eastern North Carolina. “We hope that consumers and businesses will make BBB Marketplace the first place they turn to save on products and services.”

To view offers that are currently available on BBB Marketplace, visit and click on the black bar at the top of the home page of the Web site. Please direct any questions regarding BBB Marketplace to