BBB Warns of E-mail Scam Using Amazon Name

May 30, 2012
Better Business Bureau serving Eastern North Carolina urges consumers to beware of an e-mail scam that looks like an order cancellation from

This scam e-mail appears to come from an e-mail address, such as, and contains the subject line “Your Cancellation” and an order number. The e-mail tells the consumer that “your order has been successfully cancelled” and often provides a link for the consumer to click on. Amazon cautions e-mail recipients to delete any cancellation notice with an eight-digit order number.

Amazon e-mails only link to sites that begin with http://”something”” Web sites such as “” are not actually Amazon. Also, Amazon never uses an IP address followed by a directory name, such as http://123.456.789.123”/

To confirm cancellations, visit instead of clicking a link in the e-mail itself. Click “Your Account” in the upper-right corner. Visit “Your Orders” to see if an order matches the details for the one in the e-mail.

For additional information, visit