BBB Utilizes Online Videos to Alert Consumers

October 22, 2009

RALEIGH, N.C. (October 22, 2009)— Better Business Bureau serving Eastern North Carolina ( announces today the launch of their latest resource in alerting the public of scams and educational tips- BBB online video alerts.

When visiting, consumers find a news center full of information that has been primarily text-based to this point. By adding the videos, BBB provides consumers with a visual resource including tips and information.

“We hear about new scams all the time at BBB, and we are excited to have the ability to post them on our site immediately as video alerts to notify consumers before they fall victim to a new scam,” said Beverly Baskin, President & CEO of BBB serving Eastern North Carolina. “This new tool will help us to alert consumers the moment we hear of a new scam, but also provide us with an opportunity to show the actual fraudulent documents and give consumers a visual of the warning signs they can look out for to protect themselves from scammers.”

BBB’s new videos provide three different types of alerts including “Scam Alerts” to showcase the latest scams that have been spotted in Eastern North Carolina, “Did You Know” alerts to provide general information to help consumers make more informed marketplace decisions, and “A Closer Look” alerts to provide tips and more information on current topics in the news.

BBB serving Eastern North Carolina is a pioneer for BBBs nationwide for developing video alerts for consumers on the local level. By adding video to the informational resources available and educate consumers, BBB hopes to provide relevant information on local events and scams to help consumers make more informed decisions in the marketplace.

To view BBB’s video alerts, visit

About the BBB serving Eastern North Carolina: The Better Business Bureau serving Eastern North Carolina is a 501 (c)(6) not-for-profit corporation serving 33 counties in Eastern North Carolina. The organization is funded primarily by membership dues from more than 2,900 local businesses and professional firms. The BBB promotes integrity, consumer confidence and business ethics through business self-regulation in the local marketplace. Services provided by the BBB include, reports on companies and charitable organizations, general monitoring of advertising in the marketplace, dispute resolution services, and consumer/business education programs. All services are provided at no cost to the public, with the occasional exception of mediation and arbitration. Visit

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