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09/13/2012Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

WPM failed to send me my entire security deposit, and sent it after the 30 days time frame required by law.
The utilities were mistakenly placed in the landlords name and a bill was sent to Wilson Property Management (WPM). WPM sent me the bills and asked me to pay them. I paid the utility company directly, and WPM said that since I didn't give the check to WPM they were going to deduct it from my security deposit unless I paid them again. I called the utility company and verified that the utilities were paid in full, yet WPM said there was no way for WPM to verify the utilities were paid. I called the City of Raleigh and gave the account number which was one the utility bill. I was told that the bill was paid by contacting the utility company, yet WPM says that they are not able to do it, even when they receive the bills. Even when the billing statement comes in the mail, it should have said the bills were paid, yet WPM refuses to acknowledge they were paid, and still kept my security deposit.

Desired Settlement
I would like a check for $73.62 to cover the remainder of my security deposit.

Business' Initial Response
We have expressed countless times to * during the tenancy that we are happy to reverse the charges with receipt of payment. Starting in March, when the utility bills were received from the City, * started accruing charges and we provided him notice. Copies of the paid invoices with the small balance letters were mailed to his residence. At this time we also expressed the importance that he needed to turn the utilities back into his name, as he was in a lease violation by letting them roll back into the property owner's name while he had possession of the property.
To date, we have not received a credit on these accounts from the City to imply that an over-payment had been made. The City has not confirmed any payments made on the property owner's account to exclude the payments we made on his behalf. The property owner actually cancelled his lease early to better accommodate his needs.
Upon vacating, we did not charge him as his lease states; for the carpet cleaning he was supposed to do or for the mattress disposal that we had to take care of on his behalf.
We are not willing to waive the utility bills without documentation, such as proof of payment/receipt. We do not feel this request is unfair or more than we would expect for any other resident to do. The keys were turned in on the evening of 7/12/12 by his mother. The deposit was itemized on the 11th of June and mailed to him on the 13th. We followed the Deposit act on getting the itemization information to the resident. We believe that we have been more than accommodating to him during his residency and find that this claim is unjustified.

Consumer's Final Response
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
According to WPM a person doesn't need to provide receipts. WPM claimed that I bounced a check. They demanded that I pay them and when I asked for a copy of such alleged check, they refused to give it to me. * said for me to get a copy of the check from my bank. My bank said they did not have such an item, yet * refused to provide me a copy of what they were billing me for (returned check fee.) I am following the example set by WPM. And if they are unable to keep up with any accounting facts of how much of a credit is on the account, then they should not be in business.

I contacted the utilities company, and they said it was and is easy to prove that the bills were paid. If anything they said all WPM has to do is pick up the phone and ask them, and then they would say that the bills were paid as I said they were, they just refused to do it. Also when WPM received an invoice and it has a negative account balance, and they know that they didn't pay it, then it is obvious that somebody paid it. I guess they didn't realize that.

I feel that WPM harassed me and intimidated me to a point where I felt like I had to move. When I would send in a maintenance request, WPM would complain because I put it in writing. She would ask me to call it in, and I would always state that I wanted it in writing, but she would complain every time.

I am happy that they sent me all of my money.

I am well within my legal right to contact any third party and ask for their advice or help in any matter. If there is a law against it, I challenge WPM to provide me with a copy of such law. If they are not able to do it, then I am not harassing them.

Business' Final Response
* has filed complaints with any one that will listen to him. Every complaint that comes in we have to respond to. Quite frankly, my time is worth more than $50. This was paid out of my own pocket to never have to hear from this man again. Every person and organization that contacted our company, including the BBB, agreed that he needed to show receipts. As of today, no receipts were provided and we cannot prove that these bills were paid but it wasn't worth our time and energy to answer any longer. At this point in time, we find his complaints and filings harassment.

07/12/2012Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

I need someone to take over my lease due to a family illness. Our leasing company will not approve a single applicant when they clearly meet criteria.
I spoke to Wilson Property Management. My family and I rented a house in Fuquay Varina since 9/2010 and our lease expires 9/30/12. However, WPM policy states we are allowed to sublease should we move out early. Due to my father having lung cancer, we must move out soon. WPM informed me we would NOT be penalized should we secure a new tenant to take over. I told them I had trouble securing a new tenant to take over our lease. A number of applicants came to WPM, hoping to move in by the time we move out, but EVERY one was denied. We contacted WPM and asked what was going on. WPM refused to give details, but when we spoke to the rejected applicants, we found out they were denied for strange and unusual reasons.One woman was rejected because her father-in-law was in a nursing home. Her credit check, rent history, and income all passed. Another was denied because she had a dog 45-50 lbs but WPM had no issue allowing 2 pit bulls for another prospect of ours.

Also, when we moved here in 2010, neither of us had a job, but they told us to pay 3 months' rent in advance in order to move in. However, they would not approve one applicant due to his credit rating, although he met the income criterion. He also offered them advance rents. But, they declined him.

My family and I are very irate and confused about this situation because WPM is finding excuses, not reasons, to reject qualified candidates. This is putting undue pressure on us because we HAVE to move out. As it stands, I have a CREDIT balance with WPM and expect it all refunded to me upon moving.
I can only surmise WPM is rejecting these applicants with the intent to keep the advanced rent I initially paid them. I feel this is unreasonable business practice and should be dealt with by your agency. I would appreciate your help in seeking resolution with WPM.

Desired Settlement
I want the company to treat ALL applicants equally. Since we did not meet all the criteria set forth by them in 2010, but were approved, there is NO reason these other people should all be denied. These denials are subjective and unreasonable. Please ask them to be consistent and unbiased in their selection process. Again, my father has cancer and needs my family and I to move out ASAP.
Thank you in advance,

Business' Initial Response
Mr. and Mrs. * rent a home that we manage for an investor in Fuquay Varina. This complaint is one based on erroneous information. WPM cannot pick and choose who we approve and deny. Our company is bound by Federal Fair Housing Laws to qualify all applicants in a fair way, which abides by our qualifying standards. Should an applicant not meet these qualifications, they will be denied. The credit process is run through a third party and comes back approved, approved with extra deposit, or denied.
Our lease does not offer a lease break clause but does allow a resident to find a qualified party to take over the term of the lease at the same terms that are currently in place. If a qualified party is not found a resident will remain responsible for the term of the lease until a new party does move in or the lease expires, whichever occurs first.
As of today, there have only been 2 prospects that have applied to take-over the lease. Neither applicant was close to meeting the qualifying standards. We do not accept Pit Bulls and this is clearly stated on the qualifying standards that each prospect signs when they apply. An applicant is declined if the credit has over $1,000 in collections, and/or poor rental history to include late payments exceeding 2 in a 12 month period and/or evictions, a non-verifiable income or employment history, and/or poor criminal background standing to include misdemeanors in the past 5 years or felonies at any time in the past.
The *'s did not meet an income standard when applying but the owner of the property did review their trust fund information and agreed that they were able to stay 3 months ahead in order to move forward with move-in. In a lease takeover situation the property owner does not feel comfortable however making allowances for poor credit, poor criminal, or poor rental/mortgage histories. We have not had anyone apply that was approved in all areas excluding the income portion at this time.
Wilson Property Mangement has contacted the owner on their behalf many times in the past. Wilson Property Mangement and the owner of this property have gone above and beyond to help Mr. * in the past. The owner even agreed last year to lower their rent so they could continue in the home for another year.
We will continue to try and help them with advice on finding a qualified person to take-over the lease. We hope that with the reduced rental rate they are receiving finding someone who is qualified will not take much more effort. Unfortunately we understand the frustrations they are going through as we process many applicants daily for other homes that do not meet our qualifying standards. We also however process just as many applicants that do meet our standards.

Consumer's Final Response
I read the company's response and in fact, just spoke to the property manager, today. I was told there is one applicant thay are currently processing for and everything so far looks good. I hope this person is approved because my family and I must vacate this house by 7/20/12. I have exhausted all efforts trying to secure a lease take-over tenant because of the amount of pressure we are dealing with. We currently have a $1,050.00 CREDIT balance with WPM plus they have our $1,200.00 security deposit. We also paid for this month, in full, even though we're moving out on the 20th. We also paid a pet deposit upon moving in. I will keep my fingers crossed awaiting a response from WPM regarding whether this new applicant will be approved. If denied, and we are unable to secure a new tenant by the 20th, despite our best efforts, we would appreciate WPM understanding our circumstances by allowing us to vacate without holding us accountable for finishing the rest of our lease term. We also would appreciate all prepaid monies and deposits returned to us upon leaving this house in great condition. I have phoned the homeowner earlier today and am waiting for his response. I understand WPM does not like me talking to the homeowner, but I find it necessary to hear what his answers are regarding us moving out early. I really need to know if he, will permit us vacating early while NOT penalizing us. I confirmed with WPM the he is aware of my father being gravely ill.

Business' Final Response
We are again surprised that they are continuing with this process as we talked with them yesterday to tell them that the 3rd person who has applied for their takeover is close to being completed. However, responding to these matters is taking up valuable time that we could be working on the application. The property owner was contacted yesterday to override qualifying standards as this applicant doesn't meet all of them. He is willing to work with the applicant should she submit the paperwork requested. Once that paperwork is received the owner will review it and decide if he will be accepting the applicant for the takeover. The *'s were approved to move-in originally by the owner should they stay 3 months ahead in rent. This is the reason they have a credit on the account. The following has already be relayed to the *'s: the credit on file for pre-paid rent will be refunded at the time the lease is taken over. The deposit will be refunded to them by the new resident and the pet "deposit" is also transferable to the new resident. While we understand their need to move, we also understand the property owner has a mortgage payment that he is responsible to cover each month. The *'s signed a legally binding contract that has no lease break clause in it. The owner has already worked with them extensively to first rent them the home, but then again to reduce the rent on a second year renewal to help them when they were financially in need. This owner has gone above and beyond what most owners would. However he is not willing to accept a criminal, an applicant with bad credit, or an applicant with poor rental history.

From Consumer:
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
Yesterday, my wife received a call confirming their applicant has just been approved. With that in mind, I will now accept this business' proposed resolution. So, I feel safe to assume this matter is resolved, in spite of all the confusion and trouble we've gone through. Thank you BBB for all you have done to make this closure happen.

12/18/2013Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

WPM kept my rent deposit & charged extra fees claiming pet damage, & recarpeted the entire house, 2 stories, 6 BR's, with other false allegations.
I rented a 6 BR house, 3 stories for 2 years. We were harassed by a racist neighbor the entire time. I paid a $400 pet fee for my two dogs, who only had access downstairs, as they could not go up a set of stairs. I gave proper notice to move out, where they kept my entire deposit & charged ridiculous extra fees claiming my pets damaged the entire house. They charged me fees for holdover, which I did not. They charged me to remove trash, which they did not do. They also charged me for a bath cabinet on the third floor that was in a guest room that was rarely used. My stepson did stain two tiny areas in his bedroom where he spilled food, in an area less than 18 inches by 12 inches. They charged me to recarpet the entire house, including two sets of stairs claiming my pets damaged it. Yet they never cleaned the mold growing on the outside of the house all the way to the roof, or multiple other repairs. The yard was mud from improper water drainage and they told me the owner would not do anything. I have never lost money on a home rental, former military family, and now they have collection agencies and attorneys involved, so I can run up a legal fee any time I answer a letter. DO NOT RENT FROM THEM. DO NOT TRUST THEM. If you already rent, take VIDEO move in, and when you leave, including ceilings, inside cabinets, outdoor of the house, the empty trash cans etc. Extremely dishonest. Look through the rest of complaints filed, charging for carpet replacements appears to be a common thing for them. This house is 8 yrs old and the cabinets and flooring were 8 yrs old. There was nothing more than normal wear and tear, with the exception of two spilled areas on one bedroom. Everything else deducted was FALSE. We scrubbed this entire house and flooring prior to moving out and removed all trash and have the pictures and witnesses to prove it. We have color photos taken upon moveout. They did not do a walkthrough with us and took black and white pictures of the home prior to us cleaning it and are attempting to give a false appearance of what the home looked like.In regards to holdover fees, ***** told me personally we would not be charged anything for staying after the first of July due to Uhaul accidentally cancelling our truck, however we were able to get everything moved out and I personally put the keys in their hands at the Raleigh office on July 1 as instructed, yet they charged me something like 7 days holdover on the rent. I had no keys to be on the property after July 1. They planned to remove the carpet the entire time, as the day after we moved out, before WPM did a walk through, we went to check the mail and found a carpet replacement company there who told us they had been asked to come to price new carpeting several weeks prior to us even moving out. They planned to replace the carpeting prior to us moving out then used us to pay for the cost of doing so.

Desired Settlement
I want my rental deposit of $1775 minus the $300 agreed to in the terms of the lease that we would be charged for carpeting cleaning. They knew we had dogs when we moved in and we paid a $400 pet fee and the property suffered ZERO DAMAGE due to pets. If this goes to court, I will ask for attorneys fees as well.

Business Response /* ****** ** *********** */
Dear ******,
***** is no longer with Wilson Property Management so I will be answering your questions in regards to your security deposit. I have attached two documents that we received from you regarding the date you vacated the property. We received the keys from you on July 5th. The holdover rent was $357.86. I have also attached a copy of the Security Deposit Itemization. Carpet has a life of 7 years we charged you for two years of depreciation plus the sealant for the floor from the smell of pet urine. The total cost of the carpet was $3579.18 plus $200.00 for the sealant. We only charged you $1020.62 for the carpet plus the $200.00.
I have also attached photos of the trash that was left that was on the property.
According to the Security deposit itemization you were not charged for any damage done to the cabinet it lists pending but the deposit was already sent to collections.
We received the following email from the owner in regards to the move out condition "Hello ******
I went by the home around 5:00 today and took lots of photos. I am glad she went back and did more cleaning, but today is July 9th and it has not been left in rentable condition. The 3rd floor did look like someone was trying to clean the carpet, but not being successful. I took lots of pictures because I could not believe how bad someone messed up painting the walls. You are right, I think every room needs painting. There was paint left in the kitchen in a can and in a roller pan. There is damage to the floor in the kitchen/ eating area where it looks like they may have kept something wet. There are lots of stains on each levels carpet. Someone had the AC set on about 64 degrees. On the second floor there is something sprayed on the wall and ceiling behind one of the bedroom doors. Someone installed a TV cable through the garage wall into the family room and ran the cable around the wall of the garage. There is wall damage in the garage. Oven looked like someone had done some cleaning but not finished. Refrig has a end on a wrapped stick of butter still in it and not finished cleaning. Trash cans were left over flowing beside the house with 2 chairs, coat rack, flower pots, boards from furniture just pilled around the trash cans. Back yard and sides looked very neglected.
I do not see how the tenant should get any deposit back because it is 9 days into July and there is lots of damage to the home that must be painted and fixed before it can be rented.
I think I have answered all of your questions and I hope this clears up your questions regarding your deposit. If you would like to speak with me directly please call the office and I will be happy to go over the security deposit itemization either by phone or in person.

****** *****
Property Manager/Broker

Final Consumer Response /* ****** *** *********** */
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
If there are pet stains on this carpeting, then those stains were there prior to me moving in. My dogs were never left unattended and 24/7 supervision. They have never had any issues with urinating in the house. I have rented from several other rental agencies in this, including twice from ****** **** ********** and their records will show I have never had any sort of pet damage. My dogs water bowels were not in the house, they were in the garage, in which we left the inside door to the garage open. We never left food in the fridge, and we removed the trash and placed it at the curb, as approved by ***** through emails. I have the email asking her permission to put the cans on the curb on trash day and the email reporting the date we did it. I am also being charged for holdover of rent, which I did not do. I turned the keys in, in person to the Raleigh office and have witnesses who were in the car with me when I turned them in on July 1. I have the email from ***** telling her I was doing this and had several conversations with her regarding go back to the house and not having any key access and how the door was being left unlocked on a daily basis. We would go to the house per ******** request and would find the house unsecured. We would go in and clean and lock all doors to the house and return the following day to find it once again unlocked. I am going to send the pictures I have to upload to the BBB for me since I have been unable to get them to load. The pictures you have posted of trash in the can, were taken previous to trash day and that trash was picked up by the city. We went the same day and put the trash can back on the side of house, emptied. The chairs that had been on the side of the house were taken to the Goodwill on Hwy 55 the first week of July and donated. This is a scam by Wilson Property and the owner as they sent carpet replacement company to the property less than 24 hours after we removed everything on July 2, and a walk through had not been done by the property owner or Wilson Property Management, it was a planned carpet removal, as told to me by the company providing the estimates. The doors were not left open for their convenience, as the doors were locked each night when we departed. I admitted to two small areas of carpet damage in my stepsons room which could easily have been repaired with carpet piecings. My dogs are 6 and 8 years old, trained border collies whose vet records will also show have never had any problems with urination. Records from previous rentals from ****** **** ********** will prove that I never had any sort of pet damage and the houses I rented from them also had carpeting throughout. Again, my dogs had 24/7 supervision because my two stepsons suffer from severe agoraphobia and never left the house, ever.

Final Business Response /* ****** *** *********** */
Hey ******,
1. I have pulled your file and the signature on the note that we received matches your signature from your lease which I have attached.
2. We received an note from ***** ****** that the Carpet has urine stains throughout. I have attached the note.
3. The trash was never put by the curb it is the tenant's responsibility to remove all trash from the property. The trash was left outside under the deck.
4. No charges were deducted from your security deposit for painting.
5. We have not deducted any charges for cleaning out of your security deposit.
6. No charges are noted on itemization of security deposit for removing food from the Fridge.
7. The only maintenance charge was for the repair of the floor from pet water bowl.
8. There are not any charges to you regarding the condition of the yard or deductions to you.
The pet fee that you paid at time of move is not a deposit for damages from the pet this is Fee to have the Pet on the property. It is a one time fee that is non refundable any damages from a pet would be deducted from the security deposit.

Please feel free to contact me at the office if you would like to come in and look at the move out photos or review the itemization of the security deposit in person.
****** ************** Manager

12/17/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

One of my roommates has broken the lease and the law countless times, and the apartment management has been slow to respond, or completely ineffective
I signed a lease with WPM for an apartment shared with three other women. We each sign a separate lease with WPM. One of the roommates has broken the lease countless times since I moved into the apartment in July. Noise complaints, allowing friends to move in and live with us, giving friends a copy of a key to our apartment which gave stranger access to the apartment when she wasn't present, refusing to take out her own trash and leaving it piled up in front of the apartment door, smoking pot and cigarettes in the apartment (sometimes openly in the living room), using a grill on the back balcony, leaving open beer bottle out for days one end, letting frozen chicken rot in the sink of the kitchen, I could go on. She violated the lease in so many ways I was shocked that she continues to be allowed to live here.

I tried being as diplomatic as possible, at first addressing my concerns with my roommate. When that proved ineffective, I made complaints to an employee of the apartment complex. When that didn't work, I went to the manager. Finally, one other roommate went to the office to complain with me several times. She had also been a witness to this and wanted it to end. The manager told us repeatedly that something was being done to change the situation. This was back in September and most of these problems have no disappeared.

I deserve to live in healthy, safe, smoke-free, and apartment free housing. I have complained about this for four months now, about one third of my lease, and it is completely unacceptable that this has not been resolved.

Desired Settlement
Since after four months the lease violations of this other roommate have not stopped, I want the roommate to be evicted, or I want to mutually terminate my lease with Wilson Property Management.

Business Response /* ****** ** *********** */
The resident first complained about her roommate on September 17, 2013 in reference to trash being left at the front door. These units are 4 bedroom 4 bath units, each room is individually rented. We have sent letters to the roommate to correct the issues. We cannot evict someone for leaving trash at the front door when there are 4 residents in the unit and no proof of whom the trash belongs to. We also cannot evict someone for leaving chicken in the sink. These are issues that need to be worked out between roommates and are not legal grounds to evict someone. She has accused the roommate of smoking pot in the condo. Yes this is illegal but something that needs to be handled by the police. We have told her to call the police if illegal activity is occurring in the condo. Attached is the roommate addendum:

Final Consumer Response /* ****** ** *********** */
I have made complaints to the leasing office several times since August. These complaints have included ******* ******** allowing people not on the lease to have keys to the apartment, allowing her friends to live with us, setting up a grill on the back balcony which is a fire hazard, smoking both cigarettes and marijuana in the apartment. The trash and uncleanliness were just part of my complaint. I did send pictures to the leasing manager on September 17 of cigarettes that had been smoked in the apartment and nothing was done.

Final Business Response /* ****** ** *********** */
As the management company we receive complaints daily from residents about their roommates. That is why we have the roommate addendum that they sign at move in. We encourage them to work these issues out amongst themselves. They are all adults and need to handle these issues as adults. For every complaint that ***** ***** makes against her roommate, her roommate makes one against her for similar items. NC Law does not allow us to evict someone on hearsay of another roommate. I have spoken to the roommate this week, she stated that she only smokes outside now, she has never made a copy of her key but has given a friend her key to let herself in her room while she waited for her to get off work and she stated she does not smoke marijuana. The grill was removed within 24 hours of us receiving notice of it being there. We were first notified of the grill on December 6. I feel that Ms. ***** has a personal issue with her roommate.

08/16/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

The employees at this location have been extremely rude on more than one occassion.
My townhouse received a $200 water bill saying we used over 17, 000 gallons of water when we have never went over 5, 000 gallons in the last 6 months. We called the water place and they informed us that pipes had burst on 3 different occasions and that the third time the landlord called and got it fix. They also said if we could bring a paper saying it was fix they would adjust our water to where it should be. I went to the leasing office on July 26, 2013 at approximately 11:15 am and explained exactly what I was told by the water company as to why my bill was so high. My situation was not handled in a professional manner at all. The employee who sits in the office to the right was extremely rude and had an attitude the entire time. When I was trying to explain what I was told she constantly talked over me instead of listening and fidn't seem interested at all about helping solve this situation or placing the appropriate work orders for the ongoing problems that they have yet to fix. I have left this leasing office too many times feeling insulted and belittled. The employees thst I have dealt with here have been over the top and lacking customer service skills. The employee I spoke with also told me that I needed to fax over my water bill so that she could view it and attach the new work orders. She gave me a business card that had the name ***** ********* I'm not sure if it was hers, but she handed it to me off the desk she was sitting at.

Desired Settlement
I would like the work orders that I have placed to be taken care of properly, better customer service, and a statement for the reduction of my water bill or to be reinburse for any charges I had/have to pay because of this companies failure to fix and give me the proper paperwork involved in this situation. Customer service is what really bothered me and her inappropriate behavoir is what prompted my complaint.

Business' Initial Response /* ****** ** *********** */
We are certainly interested in helping this resident. The statements in this complaint do not fall in line with our company practices so this post comes as a surprise. Anytime someone has a work order they are welcomed to place it through a number of avenues to include but not limited to: email, website entry, phone call during or after hours, etc.
Looking through the work order history on this unit and resident communications history, there are no findings of any reports of high water billings.
On July 26, the resident came in asking if a water pipe had burst. There is no evidence in the unit or the complex to reflect a pipe burst. There is no history that WPM is aware of that this has ever occurred (WPM has managed this property since construction).
It has happened from time to time that a resident in this neighborhood receives a high water bill. Typically this is due to a running toilet or something of similar nature. Once the work order is completed the resident can obtain the completed work order with notes to give to the City for a possible billing reduction.
A work order was placed for this resident on Friday, July 26th. The maintenance person went to this residence on the same day to fix the running toilet that was reported and investigate any possible leaks. When the copy of the report is received and completed in the system it will be available for release to the resident.
It was not understood that the resident was disgruntled or upset in anyway last week when she left the office. It is our hope to have good relations with our residents. I think you will find WPM acted quickly and efficiently once the order was received last Friday. Unfortunately if a toilet is running the water bills do increase quickly.

Consumer's Final Response /* ****** ** *********** */
The Wilson Property Management responded in the BBB report saying, that "after looking through work order history and resident communications history, there are no findings of any reports of high water billings". That is true. This is the first time we have experienced an extremely high water bill, but the fact that my roommate had put in a work order prior to my request for the wall damage was not denied or addressed. If the toilet is not the problem, they should be held responsible for finding out the issue with their facility causing financial expenses beyond our control. The office worker, that was rude, initially told me a work order was not reported by my roommate; yet when she looked through the files she found it...without acknowledging she was wrong. She would not allow me to tell her what was going on, before jumping to her own conclusions. WPM also is convinced that a running toilet caused over 17,000 gallons of water to run, but after speaking with the water company they said that that was not possible. I am prone to believe the water company, who are experts in that area, over what WPM suggests. A maintenance man did come by around 4:30 p.m. Friday, July 26, 2013. He checked the toilet and saw that it was running. He also stated that the spots on the walls were not wet, but that he would test it. He did not find moisture, but could not explain what was going on and said that he would "research it Monday morning and then come back and make the repairs to the toilet and the walls." He did not return Monday, but did come back Tuesday around noon and fix the toilet. He also sprayed the wall in my bedroom with what we were later informed was "Kilz". ***** stated it was not paint, but a bacteria fighting agent in case there is mold. My mother talked to construction workers (she is an office manager with the company) who stated Kilz is a paint (stain sealant) and if there is mold; that is not the way to treat it. It is a cosmetic fix. He did not fix the spot downstairs on the dining room wall. While the maintenance man probably is an expert in the maintenance of the facility, I am not certain on his credentials as an expert in mold detection or removal. I have had several incidents of poor customer service with WPM, so the fact that I did not get indignant after my rude treatment this time is because that is not my normal behavior. Personally, I desire to be one of the satisfied customers. Any research on my past behavior with rental agencies would have no negative comments. ***** did not provide service to me July 26, 2013, so she could not accurately account my demeanor when I left.
I have spoken on three-way today (July 31st, 2013) with my mother and WPM ******* because we have just received a letter (after filing this complaint) that if we (me and my roommate) do not pay a $19.69 utility fee from December 2012 (during which I was not at a lease tenant-not until Feb 2013) when I became the new roommate and was not notified of this charge until July 31, 2013 that our rental payment for August would not be accepted.

Business' Final Response /* ****** ** *********** */
The owner of ***** ********** who is certified in Mold remediation and inspections has attempted to go to the residence. At the time of his arrival the residents were not home. We will continue to get in contact with the residents. We have no way to enter the property when work orders are placed as it seems the locks have been changed. Again, it is our hope to make the resident comfortable and happy in their home and maintain a good working relationship.

06/03/2013Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

Asked me to pay bank stop payment fee resulting from their mistake and an unjust carpet replacement cost. Hired collection agent to harass me.
Wilson Property Management (WPM) sent me an interim security deposit itemization bill beyond the 30-day period after termination of my lease. This bill includes a bank fee and a carpet replacement cost that I disputed in my letter to them. Instead of contacting me to attempt to resolve the dispute, they hired a collection agency to call and harass me. The collection agent who called me on 5/10/2013 was rude and refused to identify himself. Below are the reasons why I feel these fees are unjust.

Fee #1, a $25 stop payment fee from the bank

This fee resulted entirely from a WPM banking/administration error.
10/2012 I hand-delivered to the WPM office "NOT RENEWING NOTICE" indicating my end of lease day of 1/31/2013. Well ahead of the 12/01/2012 deadline stipulated in Lease Contract.
2/1/2013 WPM erroneously debited $1,000 from my bank account for February rent.
2/6/2013 I called WPM office requesting a refund. They promised me the refund would be applied and appear in my bank account on 2/11/2013.
2/11/2013 With no refund issued to my account, I called WPM asking for clarification. I called again on 2/12/2013.
2/13/2013 I spoke with my bank and verified a refund was not issued and was not in holding in their ACH department. I asked them to dispute the charge and place a stop on future debit withdrawals by WPM.
2/26/2013 I went to my bank to investigate an excess refund, in response to a request by ***** from WPM because of a WPM banking error on 2/21/2013. It was clear that WPM did make a mistake and I ended up with $1000 extra refund. I immediately mailed a check to WPM in the amount of $500 on 2/26/13; with the intent they keep my $500 security deposit to bring the balance to $0.
It should be noted that WPM never apologized for their billing mistake and that Paige willfully committed slander by wrongly accusing me of fraud.

Fee #2, a $141.42 carpet replacement charge. This is a wrongful charge based on facts and the signed Lease Contract.

First, Lease Contract paragraph 37 states: "...If we cannot determine the full extent of our deductions from your security deposit within the aforementioned 30 day period, we'll mail you an interim itemized accounting of our deductions from the deposit within 30 days after termination of your tenancy under this Lease Contract and delivery of possession by you, ..."The interim itemized accounting WPM sent was post-marked 3/7/2013 and had a hand-written note dated 3/6/2013. My termination date was 1/31/2013. The bill was well beyond the 30 days allowed by Lease Contract.

Second, WPM claims the carpet replacement is in the smaller of the two bedrooms, of which I never used except storing a few personal items. WPM failed to provide any substantial facts, pictures, or evidence that stains existed at the end of my lease on 1/31/2013. During my stay there, I never a saw a stain on the carpet in that room. In addition, WPM did not identify any stains during the pre-walk through, during multiple condo showings or within 30 days from the end of my lease.

Based on reviews and complaints that I've read, it appears that WPM has made a practice of finding excuses (or more appropriately to extort) security deposits from tenants.

Thank you for your attention in this matter.

Desired Settlement
stop collection agency from calling and intimidating me. Stop asking me for the unjust payment.

Business' Initial Response
The resident vacated on 1/31/2013. WPM did incorrectly draft her account for the rental payment on 2/1/2013. The resident was notified on 2/6/2013 that WPM had requested for a credit back to her account. She was updated that this credit would hit her account on 2/11/2013. The transaction took place and the funds were delivered to the resident's account. However, on 2/15/2013 WPM was notified by our bank (not the resident) that a stop payment was placed on the original draft by the resident. This caused the resident to have $1000 of our money now incorrectly in her account. The resident was notified to please return the money that she has now incorrectly received. Ten days passed, and on 2/25/2013 the money was still not refunded to our company. We had left messages with no return call from her to advise us when she would send the refund. We informed her that we could not work with her any longer that it was fraudulent to not return the funds. The resident did call back and did not seem to understand the urgency of getting this money back to WPM. Another message was left on 2/26/2013 informing her that we were waiting for the money and wondering if she could advise us what the yellow stains were in the bedroom as we were having troubles removing them. She did not return our call. On 2/28/2013, a first notice of deposit itemization was mailed out reflecting the $1000 that was still owed to WPM and a pending carpet invoice for patching for the stains in bedroom 2. The final accounting statement was mailed to the resident on 3/27/2013. The final statement reflected the $141 charge for the carpet replacement and the $25 stop payment fee WPM incurred from the resident placing a stop payment on the $1000 draft. In NC General Statute § 42-52, final accounting can be due within 60 days of vacating as long as the resident is notified. The resident did write a letter dated 4/1/2013 regarding the statements which proves the final accounting was received. There are photos of the stains in the bedroom that the resident should have copies of in addition to the invoice copies. In the second bedroom there was about 4-5 large yellow stains in the middle of the bedroom. We did have the carpet professionally steamed in hopes it would come out. This expense was not billed to the resident. We then had a carpet professional look at patching the stains but they said that there were too many and the price would be upward of $500. To keep costs minimal to the resident we replaced only this room of carpet and depreciated the carpet based on a 7 year life term. When 30 days went by without communication from the resident on clearing this balance the accounts are turned over to collections. WPM is sorry to hear if the experience with the collection company was not positive as we specifically use a company that practices "Respectful Recovery." In reading the details above, WPM feels it is apparent that correct measures were followed in attempt to collect a debt that is owed.

Consumer's Final Response
At this time, I do not have the time to deal with this small bill and I decided that the cost for my energy and emotion is too high if I continue the fight all the way to a small-claim court. In addition, WPM made this effort difficult by using a collection agency, which introduces one more layer of complexity for me to deal with. I am confident that I would win in court with the dated hand-written note on the bill to prove that the bill was sent out of the time frame spelled out in the signed lease contract. On the other hand, besides a computer-dated document, WPM had no proof to support their claim that the bill was SENT before the deadline. This denial of a blatant mistake is the major reason why I am not accepting the resolution they proposed even though I paid the alleged carpet cost to save my own sanity. There are other minor incidents in WPM's records that show their incompetent record-keeping and ineffective communication, which I choose not to elaborate further at this time. Federal Trade Commission forwarded my dispute letter to Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. If they contact me in the future, I will collaborate with them to straighten out the record. Again, this is not about money, it is about integrity.

The lesson for future tenants is to keep photo records and document everything as completely and meticulously as possible because until today I still could not figure out how the stains originated since I did not use the spare bedroom. It is possible that they were there when I rented the place and I failed to document them when I did my brief move-in inspection.

Business' Final Response
This will be WPM's last response concerning this complain. ** **** has also been in touch with WPM separately by email regarding her account and received a response from the owner of the company the same day she responded on this complaint. WPM has sincerely apologized for the drafting of her account in February. Due to this error, WPM has taken measures to set up new protocol to prevent this from happening in the future. The bank fee has been removed from her account. The carpet charge still stands. ** **** has been informed that the account has been placed on hold with the collection agency for 30 days for ** **** to have an opportunity to clear up the account.

05/27/2013Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

WPM sent us to collections without merit. No walkthrough, no opportunity to correct any issues whatsoever.
We moved out of the home on 2/4/12 and had paid through 2/29/12. Wife lost job 1/1/12. The previous rental agency was HRW, Lisa Holmes. Mark Foster, the owner of the home, decided to terminate his relationship with HRW and transfer it to WPM. HRW was advised 1/14/12. I do not know when WPM performed their walkthrough; however, we were given a thumbs up as to the condition of the home. We were advised that he owner is in the process of transitioning to a new management company on 1/19/12. We were first advised by Mark Foster to contact Joe Stewart at WPM for any concerns. WPM erroneously charged us for carpet cleaning, pool opening (3/20/12), landscaping, etc.

We were sent a list of detailed items by WPM that was due and payable; however, we disagreed and even sent an email to Joe Stewart with our concerns, and even offered to settle for less. He refused and we heard nothing further.

It wasn't until November of 2012 when my wife and I attempted to obtain a loan to buy a modular home that we discovered that WPM had placed a collection on our credit report.

My wife and I videotaped all portions of the property, inside and outside. At our own cost, we placed sod in the front and back yard. Our pictures will also show that we left the property in excellent condition, along with the previous managers HRW's, acknowledgement.

Joe Stewart sent unprofessional e-mails to me, meaning, proper sentence formation, punctuation, and spelling. I, nor my wife, ever met him face to face.

His exact words on 2/15/12 were, "Terry I been to the house have called someone to clean carpet and do some touch up paint. All looks pretty good. I will put a sign in the yard after that. I assume anything left in the house or shed can be hauled off that not pool supplies based on your email correct???? "

The property in question is at 4405 Old Village Rd., Raleigh, NC. 27612.

Renters: Terry and Cynthia Driggers
Phone: 919-271-3797 cell

Desired Settlement
Rent was $1395 per month. Lease was until the end of May 2012. Rent was paid up until 2/29/2012. House was rented on 3/20/2012. At $45 per day, we owed $855. No carpet cleaning fee, no painting fee, no pool opening fee. Deposit $1395 - $855 = $540.

Business' Initial Response
The lease that ended on 5/31/2012, was not fulfilled by the resident, ****** ******. The amount left owing for the term of the lease was at minimum, $4185.00 plus utilities. Luckily, WPM was able to mitigate the *****'s monetary obligations to the lease by renting the home quickly. The home had to be prepared for the new resident to move into. In the lease that the *****'s had signed, the lease states that the resident would be responsible for any fees associated with the re-leasing of the property in the event of terminating the lease early. The *****'s were not charged for the professional cleaning of the home, painting, or advertising costs even though these expenses are associated with the re-leasing of the home.
The charges that were placed on the *****'s Security Deposit Itemization, were determined by the owner of the home. ***** is a Property Manager that has a contract to act on behalf of the property owner. He sent out a final itemization 30+ days prior to the account going to collections with the balance due of $214.75. Copies of invoices were mailed out with the final accounting. Unfortunately if a balance is not collected it is at risk of being turned into collections. The resident had the opportunity to submit the balance and this did not occur. ***** followed proper protocol in attempting to collect the balance for the owner.
WPM is not at fault for this account being sent to collections.

Consumer's Final Response
With regards to your response I have provided the following information, along with pictures:
1. The "pool basket" did not have a handle at the time of move in. Although we omitted this minor issue, we were given a picture of the basket at the time of move in. Please see attachments. I've also included a random website that shows the amount of the pool basket as indicated.

2.Again, we did NOT dispute the candle wax in the carpet as stated earlier in our dispute. The $85 charge is acceptable to us. Chemicals for the pool were in the shed which we clearly left behind, as did the previous tenants.

a.As far as the condition of the yard upon move out, we have a problem. I've included pictures in the attachments. Note that upon move in, mulch was NOT anywhere on the lawn as was required by HRW and the previous tenant. Upon move out, it is clearly visible that we "improved" the value of the property by adding sod to 90% of the lawn. Also note that leaves continue to fall through April.

b.I've included a picture from HRW realty of the "pool basket" that WPM is talking about. It clearly shows that it does not have a handle. Instead, we created a makeshift handle out of a wire hanger.
I've also included a document from HRW realty dated 9-26-2011 that states the tenant is responsible for opening and closing the pool. This document was at the directive of the owner.

3.The fact that you did not pursue this is YOUR problem, not ours, and which you cannot introduce in a court of law.

4.Your response is now reverting back to number 2 on your list. As previously stated, we do not deny the $85 charge to the carpet cleaning. We never disputed this.

My wife and I strongly advise you to reconsider your position in this matter as we have provided the necessary documentation to dispute your claims. Again, this is a BILLING issue that your company neglected to ensure that everything was accurate. Therefore, you wrongfully applied a debt owed to you and submitted an account to the credit bureaus, which disallowed us to obtain credit to purchase a home. We respectfully request that you remove all charges, remove the negative information from all three major credit bureaus; to include Equifax, Experian, and Transunion, and to reimburse us what is rightfully due. WPM did not act accordingly to the leaseholder agreement. HRW was the leaseholder until February 29th, 2012. If you would like to discuss this further, ple

Business' Final Response
1. I have attached the move-in checklist that the Drigger's filled out with HRW. There is no notation on the form regarding the pool skimmer basket. There is no information in the lease that states that the pool basket is damaged or that the resident is not responsible for the pool basket.
2. The second attachment shows the condition of the yard upon move-out and the candle wax in the carpet. The following pages show the HRW lease paragraphs with information on the yard and the carpets.
a. Per the lease: Exterior maintenance "remove leaves and weeds on regular basis" The photos clearly show that the leaves were not removed from this yard upon the Drigger's moving out. The landscaping charges were for removal of leaves/ lot clean-up.
b. The $150 pool skimmer and chemical charges: The lease paragraph 27 item 6: "resident is responsible for pool maintenance and chemicals." There is no documentation in the lease or in the file received by WPM with regards that the Drigger's do not have to maintain the pool.
3. The lease also shows in paragraph 27 section c that the resident would have to pay an additional expense for re-letting the property in the amount of 50% of the current monthly rent. WPM did not charge this in good faith to the resident.
4. The carpet attachment of the lease labeled: "Carpets" states: "Tenants are responsible for carpet stain removal and carpet damage repairs. It also states that they are required to use a professional carpet company to steam clean carpets. The Drigger's left the property with candle wax in the carpets. The carpets were also not cleaned as the Drigger's have confirmed. The $85 charge for the carpet cleaning and stain removal was not wrongfully charged to their account.
Based on the information provided I think you will find WPM did not charge anything astronomical to the resident's account. WPM did mitigate damages to the resident as their lease was not over for another few months.
Please let me know if there is additional information you would like for me to provide as I am happy to help. I believe you will see that WPM acted very fairly with regards to this resident's account.

E. Paige Rogalski
Property Manager / Broker

5520 McNeely Drive Suite 100
Raleigh, NC 27612
919-782-1717 PH
919-782-1612 FX

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