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Doctor Painting

Phone: (919) 448-8851

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Customer Complaints Summary

8 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 1 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Delivery Issues2
Problems with Product / Service6
Advertising / Sales Issues0
Billing / Collection Issues0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
Total Closed Complaints8

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Complaint Resolution Log (8)BBB Closure Definitions
12/06/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

I made many appointments to redeem ******** They never show up to work. They have no availability for weeks and then they say I'm not on the schedule.
I purchased a ********for $195.00 for painting of three rooms. I make appointments over the phone. I have to move all my furniture and books, etc. to prepare. They never show up. I have made three appointments over the past three months. My bank says the credit card transaction is too old to dispute. I also tried to get my money back from ********

Here is the most recent email trail:

From: *******************
Sent: ‎12/‎2/‎2013 9:00 AM
To: ************************
Subject: Fw: Third appointment cancelled

I had an appointment for this morning at 9am. This is the third time I've had my appointment cancelled. In fact, my ***************** expired October 16. I have been trying since before then to schedule. Every time I move all my books off the shelves and take down the paintings. At this time I want my money back. I have used ******** for painting with other companies that were reliable.



From: ************* <************************>
To: ******************* <*********************>
Sent: Monday, December 2, 2013 9:18 AM
Subject: RE: Third appointment cancelled

I'm apologize for that, but if you need your money back, you need to contact ******** thanks!


From: ********Support
To: ********* <*********************>
Sent: Wednesday, December 4, 2013 1:36 AM
Subject: Re: Your Support Question: Doctor Painting (request #********)

Hi *********,

I have to apologize for the delay in response here. We've been inundated with an unusually high email volume and are working to respond to inquiries as fast as we can.

I'm sorry for the trouble. Although today's deal is for the same business, this offer is completely separate and the orders can't be swapped. We are not able to issue a refund unless the business is unable to provide the services offered in the deal, or you had a bad experience when you redeemed your ********

If you haven't used this ********yet, then we encourage you to try and use it. Even if your ********expires, it is still worth the amount you paid for it. If you've decided this is something you'd no longer like to use, then we encourage you to give it as a gift. Unless otherwise specified in the Fine Print, ******** can be given to anyone!

Thanks for your understanding. If there is anything else I can help you with, please let me know.


********Customer Support

Desired Settlement
At this time I just want my money back so I can hire a reliable contractor to do the painting.

Business Response
I'm apologize for this inconvenience to Her, but we was trying to give Her another appointment but right now She wants the money back,I said if you need you money back you need to contact ******* to get you money,we don't have a problem to give another appointment to go paint the house, because ******* said they can't give the money back to the customers,I will contact the customers and try to make another appointment to do the job,thanks!

06/13/2013Delivery Issues | Read Complaint Details

Doctor painting showed up late, spilled paint on carpet, and left without finishing the job!
This company lies to your face about their services, shows up late and doesn't apologize! Very hard to contact someone and doesn't confirm appointments! They showed up late started to paint my house and then all of a sudden left! They never showed back up to finish or clean up! They spilled paint on my carpet! I paid money for a service like that, that is absolutely ridiculous! Extremely unsatisfied customer and will never recommend them to anyone!

Desired Settlement

Business' Initial Response
The customer above had a voucher for two rooms.
She wanted to paint a hallway and tree floor foyer and her voucher couldn't cover all that because it was too big. Doctor Painting told her it would be $85 extra (equal to another one room voucher), and she refused to pay extra.
We told her to call and ask for a refund, she said that we had marked her vouchers as used!
When she never gave us her voucher number because they weren't used. She event insulted one of our employee's.
Doctor Painting offered her to paint two rooms or something equal to the vouchers she had.
The consumer agreed, later on she changed her mind and said she was going to give her vouchers to a family member.

12/12/2013Delivery Issues | Read Complaint Details

No Show
My neighbor and I purchased ******** for the service of this company. I scheduled my painting for this morning--six weeks in advance. I called them two days ago and left a reminder voicemail that included my phone number and address. I also sent them an email reminding them of the appointment. No response from either.

My neighbor set up an appointment, and they didn't show. She set up a second appointment, and they didn't show again. For that reason, I am not surprised that they didn't show for me.

I picked today for a special reason, and it is a heartbreak for me.

Desired Settlement
Withdraw their ******* special.
Close their business--if that is what they call it.

Business Response
Hi,we are trying to resolve this problem with those customer,we are calling and try to make another appointment,but sometimes the customer can't not make another appointment or they don't understand our situation about why we was unavailable to go paint,the reason was that the van over heat and I don't have any way to send the painters to theirs house,we always call our customers and explain way is the reason and try to make a new appointment with them but sometimes they don't want to make another appointment,also if for some reason we can't go paint the that that we have an appointment, my office assistance call the customer and give them another appointment also we offer paint something free, thanks!

Final Consumer Response

Because my neighbor had a no show twice, I made an extra effort two days in advance to call and leave a voicemail and to email to remind them of their appointment. I left my phone number and my address for them. They didn't even have the courtesy to call or reply to my email.

Their office assistant never called to schedule another appointment. I want to see the receipt for their van repair dated for November 22 because I don't believe their van overheated. They should at least have a receipt from a parts store.

I am currently working with ******* to get my money back, and I want nothing to do with this business. They are unprofessional and unorganized.

08/05/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Painters did poor job and damaged property as they did their work.
They came to my home in March 2013 and painted two bathrooms and hallway including the stairway. The two workers dropped paint on my white baseboards, doors, door frames, sink vanity and floors. They missed patches on the walls and they cleaned their supplies in my master spa tub and left stains. I have cleaned and cleaned the stains and now I have to buy more paint and not only touch up all the drips but paint my bathroom door.

Desired Settlement
I would like the cost of trim and door paint and cost of labor to fix mistakes.

Business' Initial Response
Hi ******,

We do apologize once more for the inconvenience that this has caused at your home, but as we do recall out last conversation, we did let you know that it was alright to contact ******* and that they would be giving you the refund. Did you contact them? If you are having a hard time to get a hold of them, please let us know and we can provide you with the correct phone number to reach them

Received Consumer Rebuttal 2013-04-12
I did contact ******* and received a refund. However, since I received the refund (which I requested because the quality of work was not worth paying for) I have found more mistakes. For example, my master bathroom spa tub was used to clean brushes and was not wiped out and as I was cleaning it I discovered paint spots that I have had to get on my knees and scrub the paint residue. I then discovered more paint on my floors even in my my CARPET. I want money for my paint that I will use on my doors and baseboards and all that I been through will this mess!

Consumer's Final Response
Thank u for helping but the company has not helped me. My review of them is not good and I am very upset that they can get away with this. Again thank u!

Business' Final Response
Hi ******,

We understand that you would like to receive more money, but due to company rules since you did contact us about a month later and not right away we cannot give you more money, especially because after all you did receive your full refund from ******* after completing the job. If you would like to get in touch with us for any concerns you ****** do, by contacting us at XXX-XXX-XXXX.

Doctor Painting

01/26/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Tried to charge me more once they arrived after they had already given me an estimate 1 month prior.
I called a month in advance- had them come to my house to give an estimate and wanted to be sure they would accept a ******* for the areas we wanted. They came to the house and said yes to everything. I waited a month for them to come- took off work and they showed up and WITHOUT a LADDER! Then said that that I could not use the *******. I had them call the manager because they had already said we could use it. Long story short they said ok we could use the ******* but now we had to pay $200 cash (plus the 3 *******s we bought) and they would only do 1/2 of what we had agreed upon. I don't really think they are a real painting company- what professional company would show up without a ladder?! (This is for the Northern VA location)

Desired Settlement

02/19/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

******, from Doctor Painting, missed an appointment on 12/12 at 9am. Then missed the same appointment the next day
I bought a ****** ****** Deal from ****** Painting, however Doctor Painting was the company who was going to fulfill it. We scheduled an appt on 11/12 for 12/12. They missed the appointment on 12/12 and finally called me back at 5pm on 12/12. Then, they missed the appointment they scheduled for 12/13 as well.

Desired Settlement
I want them to actually complete the work I paid them for!!!!!!!!!!!!!

02/19/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Used ************ Voucher($84)to have ***** ********* location of Doctor painting paint a room. Damaged carpet with paint spills.
My husband and I bought a voucher for the services of Doctor Painting on ****** ****** on Jun 28th for $84 charged to my credit card. It was good for prep work and 2 coats of paint for a room up to 12x14x9. Expiration Nov 2013. After many emails back and forth with the company, we finally scheduled a date of August 14th at Noon for the service to be performed. They were to paint the nursery for my baby that is due this fall. The room was under size (approx 10x11x9) and perfect for the deal that was purchased. We purchased the paint from ******* ******** (2 Gallons, $49.59) and they arrived on the 14th to do the work.
I was making lunch for my children and tending to them while they painted on the 2nd floor. Everything seemed fine. I also hired and paid them $60 cash to fix a small textured area of ceiling just outside the nursery. They were here about 2 hours and got both projects done. I am quite pregnant and had other kids to tend to so before they left, I gave the walls a quick once over and they went on their way. My husband came back from out of town that night and did a more thorough inspection of the room. There were at least a half a dozen paint spills on the carpet, some in patches some in drops. It looked as though they tried (and failed) to clean up the biggest spill in one of the corners. They taped the baseboards (although there was still some stray blue paint on the white trim as well) but they didn't use drop clothes at all in the bedroom they were painting. We are irritated that the prep work that should have been done to keep our carpet from being ruined was skipped altogether and even more irritated that they didn't bother to tell us about their mistake. With proper cleaning agents, we might have been able to remove the stains before they were dried. To make matters worse, when my husband did the dishes later that night and ran the garbage disposal, it made a funny noise. Upon reaching inside, we found painters rags that were used to clean the paint trays down our drain. It was totally irresponsible and could have broken our disposal as well. We contacted ****** ****** about a refund but they said we had to take it up with the business since the voucher was already redeemed. I have sent several messages to the company but have gotten NO response. When I messaged them to set up the appointment, they usually responded same day or within 24 hours so I am sure they are avoiding my messages. We will need the carpet professionally cleaned or possibly replaced to make up for their carelessness so I'm not even sure that an $84 refund would make up for the trouble and hassle that their preventable mistake has caused.
I do not know the workers names but it was a young man and a woman in her 20s or 30s. The man did the bedroom painting; the woman did the side job that I hired them for when they were here. They said that a family member who owned the business had moved to NC to do business down there which is why the business is listed as NC even though I used the ***** ****** Office and that the 2 of them did all the work in this area. When the gentleman called me from his cell several times the morning of the appointment try to move up or back the appointment time, the caller ID said ******** ******" XXX-XXX-XXXX. He may have been calling from the female co-workers phone. I dealt with a woman named ********* via email and phone and her caller ID came up ******* ******" when she called from the work number XXX-XXX-XXXX.
Please let me know how you can help us seek a solution to our problem from Doctor Painting Company. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Desired Settlement
We would like the carpet cleaned or replaced by a provider or our choosing and/or a refund for monies spent on paint and services but I don't think that will be enough to cover the damages.

02/19/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

I booked an appointment with Doctor Painting for Wednesday, December 18. I had a ******* for painting two rooms and was planning to redeem it with the company. On Tuesday, December 17 at about 10:00am, someone from Doctor Painting (I could not understand his name) called and ask me if I could reschedule my appointment due to "scheduling problems." I explained that I would be able to reschedule ONLY if the painters could come on Friday, December 20. The team member asked me about Saturday. I told him I could not be home that day. The team member said he "thought he could make Friday work" and promised to call me back to let me know. By 4:00pm on Tuesday, December 17, I had not heard back from Doctor Painting. I called the office and left a message, asking someone to call me immediately to let me know if the appointment was on for Wednesday or was rescheduled to Friday. At 8:00pm on Tuesday, December 17, I STILL had not heard back from anyone at Doctor Painting. I called again, got voice mail and asked someone to call me EARLY on Wednesday to let me know if the painters would or would not be coming to my house. I also emailed the Doctor Painting office, asking for someone to contact me ASAP. On Wednesday, December 18 at 8:00am, I called the Doctor Painting office and got no answer. I called again 3 times that morning and got voice mail each time. I got NO CONTACT from Doctor Painting at all and no one ever showed up at my house to perform the work.On Thursday, December 19 -- a full 24+ hours AFTER my original appointment, I got an email from ****** at Doctor Painting, asking if I could reschedule for Dec 26 or 27. I promptly emailed back and said neither of those days would work. I proposed that the work be done on Dec 23 as I was available that day. I never heard back from ******. I am filing this complaint because I want others who may consider using this business to know about the poor service and lack of communication I encountered. Thinking of using Dr Painting? Think again!
Product_Or_Service: Painting Two Rooms in my home

Desired Settlement
I have contacted ******* to ask for a refund. My hope is that they grant my request so that I am not out any money for this whole problem. I will be using the BBB website to find a reputable painting contractor to complete this work.

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