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Champion Home Builders, Inc.

Phone: (910) 893-5713Fax: (910) 893-2065

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Customer Complaints Summary

3 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 1 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Guarantee / Warranty Issues1
Problems with Product / Service2
Advertising / Sales Issues0
Billing / Collection Issues0
Delivery Issues0
Total Closed Complaints3

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Complaint Resolution Log (3)
10/14/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Several issues that took longer than they should of to resolve and issues that is still unresolved
purchased/closed on Model# ***** July 31,2013, purchase amount $97,140 paid to **************** ***** for model#***** . Four days after we moved in our new CBS(Champion Home)home, August 8 2013 I discovered that the 2nd bathroom was leaking water from the faucet when the shower was being used. End result the floor in the bathroom under lay and the hall and 3rd bedroom was flooded( .I contacted the dealer **************** ***** ,************ , made arrangements for this problem to be resolved left Aug 11 for 5 days vacation , no one attempted to come and repair or even look at the problem until 2 weeks later I had to hire a plumber to come fix the leak just so the shower was not leaking Champion did pick up the tab on that , workers finally came and cut holes in dry wall, didn't even roll carpet back left and was not heard from after several attempts to reach by phone .Finally they returned 3 weeks later to start to repair what was left from there initial start . encountered a snake in the wall that accessed through the holes the worker cut to "dry the water up" Left the job site and would not come back "they wanted house checked for more snakes before they would come back.Still did not roll carpet back . patched dry wall and put Teflon tape on the suspected leak .. several weeks later bathroom floor covering started coming loose again having to take off work to be here when workers arrived upon removing the floor covering black mold was present floor had to be removed and replaced (have pictures of the mold that was not removed. Keep in mind this issue was started before the 30 day punch list was even due. most of the issues on the 30 day list was vinyl falling off cracks in dry wall cracks in cabinets counter tops pealing on corners issues with master bathroom shower door hitting toilet (hung backward).one worker came an corrected the shower door leaving it out of square and not sealing,2nd worker had to go behind the 1st one a repair door, and door still does not close properly . after the 30 day list was turned in several more reports was made to manufacture about vinyl siding falling off .also issues with windows and doors being out of square to the point they would not close properly , other issues cabinet doors cracked and drawer fronts put on crooked . also several complaints was made about nail pops and debris under carpet but was never fully resolved. issues with electrical outlets arose late in the evening when , my wife was ironing her cloths and the master bed room lost an entire circuit ^ receptacles , later to find out myself that the wire in one receptacle was plugged in to the hole that was to put there to release the wire (have pics also) . Several more ongoing issues with the carpet that was partially resolved. I also got the same results as other people about the handbook that was supposed to be in the cabinet , To this day there is still no handbook . last but not least . the fiberglass shower insert in the master bath developed a spider crack in the seat 3 weeks before warranty was to run out. Shower has no support under the seat .Champion said 1st they would replace shower but would need to take the corner off the house and some of the wall studs out to remove/install new shower , I was against this especially in a corner where its located not to mention the tile that I had paid to have installed around shower that is now unable to be completed because of the uncertainty about this tub issue ,Champion offered a 500$ cash settlement on the tub , ****** the manufacture of the tub charges $700 for just the shower . Champion then sends a tub repairman out to repair tub sept. 24 2014, per repairmen's instruction let shower stand for 24 hours , used shower next night and the crack has returned . Champion is pushing responsibility off on the shower manufacture when Champion are the ones that installed the shower .

Desired Settlement
I DO NOT feel that I got what I paid for . to resolve the issue with the shower being cracked Champion homes will need to reimburse me for the cost of materials for my personal contractor to replace the shower. $950 in material.

Business Response
The consumer purchased his home 07/30/2013 from *************************** (which was our plant located in Salisbury, NC but has since closed this past spring. All remaining service is currently being handled by our Lillington, NC office). Champion Home Builders offers a 30 day cosmetic and one year structural warranty on all of our homes. Which would end the factory warranty period 7/30/2014. During the warranty period the home was serviced and all reported items were completed by Champion and the retailer. None of which involved shower crack repairs until he was out of warranty. I would also like to mention that we as a company do not handle cracks in the showers but they are covered under the manufacturer's warranty. Initially a $500 cash settlement was offered by one of our new service representatives since the customer did not want to have his shower and wall removed to complete the desired repair. She was unaware of the policy on shower repairs and once corrected she offered to submit a claim to the vendor which was sent, as a courtesy, to the shower manufacturer (*********************) on behalf of the customer on 9/10/14 and the home was serviced 9/17/14 by the manufacturer.
On Friday, 9/26/14 the customer called our service department to report the shower crack was not repaired to his satisfaction. He was instructed to contacted the manufacturer as they would be responsible to address his concern. since he was hesitant to do so, she did resubmit the complaint for him on 9/29/14 for the manufacturer to contact the consumer regarding his repair.
I can assure that every effort has been made to offer our assistance in this matter as we like nothing more than to have all of our consumers happy with their new homes. However, all remaining repairs for the shower would now fall under the responsibility of the manufacturer.
I will be sure to make sure a homeowner's manual is sent to the customer as well. Please feel free to contact me if you have any additional questions or concerns.

Consumer Response
The cracks in the shower was reported to the dealer in which I purchased the home from on July 4 2014 , which was before July 30, 2014 , and Email was sent to Champion on July 7 2014 concerning the crack in the shower . This would put the reported date of failure before July 30 2014 which according to champion is when my warranty expired ..

Final Business Response
After learning of the continued issue with the manufacturer of the shower, our service representative did contact the manufacturer regarding the repair.
As of October 3, 2014 the retailer and the manufacturer were working together to come up with a resolution regarding the repair, which would close the issue with Champion Homes as Champion has no liability for this type of repair.
Please feel free to contact me if you have any additional questions or concerns.

05/21/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

We purchased a modular home 7/24/13 and tried unsuccessfully to work through the dealer & contractor for needed corrections/repairs since install.
Information Faxed To Champion Homes 4/8/14:
I am writing this letter to inform you of new issues with our home and attach the list of three issues that have not yet been addressed. During work on our crown molding, the worker noted what he stated was water damage on the exterior wall in our bathroom. We immediately contacted our insurance company as he suggested. We have been told there has not been a storm in our area that should have incurred that type of damage, and due to the home not having been installed in more than a year it was likely a builder issue. That we should have our builder assess and repair this issue. This is a significant issue for several reasons including the fact I have allergies and asthma that could be grossly impacted by any mold due to water damage so we need this issue addressed right away. Additionally we now have countertop that is peeling away from the surface in our kitchen.
I am attaching a list including three items both of your companies have been informed about in the past. All of these items were reported in the first punch list, and again in November of 2013. The third item has been an ongoing issue. A few of these areas were originally "repaired" or "covered up" that have returned. Some are areas that have been reported to be growing since November 2013.
We believe it is reasonable to expect a response in writing as to when you will attend to these items. We also believe it is reasonable to have in writing an explanation of your rationale for any items your company is not going to address. Please respond by April 21, 2014 to this request. Our next step will be to copy this letter to Better Business Bureaus in your area.
Sincerely, Provided homeowner name & address
Attached information: January 25, 2013 (date list was provided to Champion & faxed to ******** ********
1.Rusted kitchen sink (this occurred first month we were in the home and one of the repairmen had indicated this item would be replaced).
2.Front door to the home is warped and needs to be replaced (we have had at least two repairmen attempt to work on adjusting the door and determine it needs to be replaced-one through ******** ******* and one through Champion; the door will not latch at the door knob, you have to push it closed to latch the deadbolt, you can see light around several parts of the door).
3.Cracks in sheetrock (some are where the two sections of the home are connected, others are across the home in walls and ceilings, there are taping issues throughout the home, but some come out from door frames into rooms or hallways, or across walls indicating cracks across sheetrock; some of these are returning cracks and some are new, have been there since November and some have gotten worse).

Desired Settlement
We want the needed corrections and repairs attended to.

Business Response
Champion Homes Builders Inc. offers a 30-day cosmetic and one-year structural warranty on all new homes purchased from our network of independent dealers. The warranty is designed to provide the homeowner with information regarding the responsibility and limitations of services offered by Champion Home Builders Inc.
Regarding the service work for his home. It is our policy after the home is trimmed out for the customer and/or dealer to first do a walk thru of the home within the first 30 days of ownership and send in to the factory. There is normally a two - three week waiting period and is loaded with a contractor for that area, the customer is called to schedule a time and date with the contractor and the work is completed on the agreed upon date. Once completed, the customer is asked to review the list of repairs and to make sure all items have been completed and to sign the work order to verify.Their initial work order of repairing ceiling and wall cracks was completed by the dealer in June 2013.
Ms. ******'s walk thru was completed with the dealer 6/20/13 and turned in 6/24/13 it was loaded with a contractor 7/11/13 and completed 7/22/13.
The customer's cosmetic walk thru was completed July 2013. With four additional work orders (the latest was issued 4/8/2014 to replace the front door and should be scheduled for completion this week. Regarding the wall cracks as stated in our homeowner's manual that is given to every customer. "drywall repairs are not covered under our warranty" be it cosmetic or structural. As a courtesy, we do repair wall cracks on the initial work order,which was completed in July.
Ms. ******'s home currently falls under a structural warranty which expires 7/2/14.
Please be assured Champion Homes is committed to helping in all situations and will do our best to meet each of our customer's warranty needs. And that every effort to complete Ms. ******'s warranty related concerns have been addressed to the best of our ability.
Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions or concerns.

01/09/2014Guarantee / Warranty Issues | Read Complaint Details

The failure/refusal to repair cosmetic issues that were submitted in writing well within the 30 day cosmetic warranty window.
My wife and I purchased a new modular home from a dealer for Champion homes that was delivered on 4-26-2013. The home was set-up by a sub contractor crew. They ran out of materials, and left one end of our home (the eve) exposed to the weather for approximately 2-3 weeks. They also failed to clean up the attic insulation, and provided no floor coverings, and proceeded to walk and embed insulation throughout our new carpet all over the house. We have a 13 month old baby that we can't even let crawl on the carpets because of ground in paint, insulation etc. When told of this, Champion homes did nothing! They made our dealer have our carpets cleaned, which did nothing but make it worse. There's still painted footprints, and little specs of insulation on our carpets. Champion Homes did agree to replace the carpets in the hallway, and family rooms but have since refused to do so. Champion Homes offers in writing a 30 cosmetic warranty that will fix any cosmetic issues within that first 30 day period from delivery. I have numerous emails, and voice mails that confirm the we properly notified them in the allotted time to fix these issues. We've been put off on numerous occasions for one reason or another, the last for "Ordering Materials", which we waited 6 weeks for them to return to fix our list that they asked for. When the time came for them to come, they we're only prepared to barely do the minimum and not come close to completing our punch list. We were informed by Mr. ***** ******* the Service Dept. manager on Monday July 1st, the day they were set to be here, that they were not coming to do another thing until the Dept. of Insurance tells them they have to fix it. Mr. ****** is fully aware that the D.O.I is only a code compliance dept. and has nothing to do with any cosmetic issues. They have been aware of all our issues and concerns in writing as well as numerous phone calls since literally day one. My wife and I have been totally mis-treated, treated like we don't matter, and told by Mr. ****** that he's only going to basically do the bare minimum that is required, and he didn't care if we are happy, sad, mad, glad or anything in between. My wife and I have from the very first conversations tried to be as cooperative with them as possible, and even tried bartering with them to make things easier on both parties. They have refused to even consider that, and with the numerous issues we've had with this home in this short of time, have been very, very unsympathetic, and un-compassionate *** bit. There has been live electrical wires lying in our attic that we we're only made aware of after 2-3 weeks of living in our home by one of the sub-crews they sent down to do less than half of the original punch list the first time. We have been promised someone was coming to fix all the things listed on our very detailed punch list that Mr. ****** specifically asked for in writing, and have again failed to live up to their own 30 day cosmetic warranty. We've documented all of our conversations via email or verbal, and are well within our rights to have the things that we've requested to be fixed. I have been very demanding of them fixing these things, as their definition of quality, and ours is extremely different. All my wife and I want is the repairs that are Champion Homes legal and written 30 day cosmetic warranty responsibility to fix. Our home is in disarray, with cracks in walls from the home not being on the foundation square, to unsafe carpeting and sub-flooring that has nails sticking up through it, to un-painted walls and doors, to doors not closing properly, to walls being built in the factory out of square, to wall tile in our master shower being so uneven and crooked it's embarrassing. We want our home finished to the quality that were promised and sold on when we purchased it.

Desired Settlement
At this time we'd like all of our punch list items completed to an acceptable standard of quality. We'd like our atrium door that was left out of the dealers end of the contract installed. My wife and I have worked extremely hard for 2 and a half years to get our new home, and have had nothing but a nightmare from step one. We only want what is and was promised to us, repaired, replaced, etc.

Business Response
To Whom It May Concern:
Mr & Mrs ******* purchased their home from **** Foundations 4/20/13. They were also provided with a Homeowner's manual stating our warranty, which consists of a 30 day cosmetic warranty and one-year structural warranty. The *******'s initial work order was rec'd 4/17/13, loaded with a contractor 5/2/13 and completed 5/6/13. At such time issues with the retailer revolving an atrium door were brought up with our contractor by Mr. *******. He was told to please contact his retailer with his concerns as it wasn't a factory warranty issue. All items were completed on his work order but because of items that were not a part of our warranty or the responsibility of the retailer Mr ******* refused to sign but did initial on the items he was happy with. After which he call the service department to complain about the same issues. Which were found to be either not a factory issue or past his cosmetic warranty. His main concern being the installation of his atrium door, which again wasn't the responsibility of the factory as the agreement was between him and **** Foundations. Every e-mail & phone call he sent was answered according. Since neither customer service rep could make him happy he was referred to the service manager. At that time it was agreed that he contact the NC Dept of Insurance. After the home was inspected by a representative from the State, Champion Homes, the Retailer and Mr. ******* a determination was made by the State what was to be completed by Champion and by the retailer.
An attempt was made 9/3/13 to complete the listed repairs at such time Mr ******* had additional items he wanted completed as well. It was explained that in State issued work orders only the items listed are to be completed. This did not sit well with him, he would not let the contractor complete the work order and he contacted the State again. *** ******* a rep from the Dept of Insurance, asked us to make one more attempt to schedule a return trip to finish the work. Our first attempt to schedule was by ******* ***** at which time Mr ******* scheduled for 8:00 the following Monday morning, however when the contractor called to confirmed he refused the appt and stated that he was never called. I phoned Mr ******* again and scheduled an appt for 11/11/13 which this time was confirmed over the phone as well as by e-mail. Our contractor completed all factory listed items and Mr ******* initialed the items to confirm. He also stated that he still is not happy as all of his cosmetic items were not done. I can assure Champion Home Builders have made every attempt to make the *******'s happy with their home as we do with ALL of our valued customers, but with any home the more you reside in your home, cosmetic items will be an issue (loose trim, grout and caulking issues, etc) which is why we offer 30 days cosmetic to ALL of our customers to fall under customer maintenance thereafter. While his structural warranty remains until 4/2014, his cosmetic warranty has since expired and per policy no additional cosmetic repairs will be made. If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact me @ ********

Consumer Response
Well, all we'll say is this, After 4 months that It's taken them to reply, we expected a response like this. We'll again say, we have had ZERO customer service, have been treated horribly with total disrespect by everyone that has had anything to do with our entire home buying/set up process from Champion Homes. Please have them send you, and to us a completed and closed NCDOI list that states they have completed everything. They can't, because they haven't. So, if they won't even complete the State of NC's dept of Insurance list, that will tell you how much they've done to complete our punch list. Oh, and by the way, we have a validated email of our cosmetic 30 day warranty issues that was received, and confirmed by 2 different representatives of Champion Homes sent 3 days after the home was set up, WELL within our 30 day window. Yet, they have refused going on almost 9/10 months to address and fix those issues. The BBB has been supplied with that validating email related to the complaint filed against **** Foundation Homes/Mr. ** ****** we also have 100's of supporting documents, photos, etc., that we'd be happy to supply. They can continue to point fingers and accuse but the issues are not still being addressed. We still have unfinished base board/ window and door trim, tons of other half COMPLETED, SHOTTY workmanship. They built and sold us a lemon, with the lowest, cheapest materials they could find. We should not be having all of these issues with a brand new home. We would respectfully like to have this information added to the file. Thank you in advance for your help.

************ *******.

Business Response
In response to Mr & Mrs ******* we have complied to their repairs that falls under our 30-day cosmetic and one year structural factory warranty that is given to every one of our customers, as well as act upon all issues required by the state. We are currently waiting for a repair list from the most recent inspection that I believe was on 1/2/14. When that list is received, a qualified Champion contractor as well as North Carolina Housing board state representative will be sent out to complete whatever issues are noted by the state inspector which should address all of Mr & Mrs *******'s concerns and close out his state case

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