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28 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 9 closed in last 12 months
Complaint TypeTotal Closed Complaints
Advertising / Sales Issues5
Billing / Collection Issues6
Problems with Product / Service17
Delivery Issues0
Guarantee / Warranty Issues0
Total Closed Complaints28

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09/14/2015Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

ChannelAdvisor started billing us for services without our permission or authorization. Got the runaround for weeks. Very shady and dishonest.
We've been a ChannelAdvisor customer since around March of 2013. About 6 months ago i took a look at a payment confirmation email from them and thought it seemed high. I tasked an employee to look into it and she got the runaround from them and let it fall through the cracks. In June i revisited the issue and was shocked to learn that they started billing us for our Google adwords account spending....i'm not even sure when it started but i believe it's been happening for at least a year.

They have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS ACCOUNT. Somehow their sneaky software was activated in a way that had them start billing us. After dozens of repeated efforts to get them to address the issue, they blamed me for the configuration settings and basically said they would not do anything to address the thousands of dollars that were inappropriately billed.

Fast forward to today and i just got another giant bill from them for GOOGLE ADWORDS ACTIVITY. I have trouble tickets about this "glitch" from back in MAY and it still isn't resolved.

I've left voicemails but haven't gotten a response yet.

I wonder how many other companies are being victimized by their shady business practices. They might be a good candidate for a class action lawsuit if they don't respond and resolve this quickly.

Desired Settlement
We want a refund for the Google Adwords activity that they have absolutely nothing to do with and we WANT THEM TO STOP ACTIVELY BILLING US FOR IT!

Business Response /* ****** *** *********** */
This issue has been resolved and the customer has agreed to continue working with ChannelAdvisor.

Consumer Response /* ****** *** *********** */
The issue has been resolved.

Final Consumer Response /* ****** *** *********** */

06/29/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

We entered into a contract (12 month) with ChannelAdvisor. We were promised an upload time of 1 hour tops, they changed it to 4 hours mid-contract.
We signed a contract with ChannelAdvisor in Sept 2014, a contract based on uploading product skus to ChannelAdvisor's site in order to manage our inventory with multiple sites. Our prior integration with our online store was instantaneous, we would edit a picture, price, product description, and it would change immediately. It is important to note the old saying of "time is money". ChannelAdvisor said it could take up to an hour for these things to sync using their system. We hesitantly said that this would be okay and we could plan for an hour to wait for product to sync.
At first it was a bumpy experience, things weren't working right (image uploading, proper syncing, etc.), but after months of dealing with it we finally felt comfortable uploading products to ChannelAdvisor.
Then there was a MAJOR change. We started to see long syncing times (longer than 4 hours) for our product (10 to 20 items) to go from ChannelAdvisor to our store's domain ( I contacted ChannelAdvisor, and they said they would look into it. On January 9, 2015 ChannelAdvisor sent an email out saying they were working on sync times. We waited till March 2015 to contact someone higher up in the company. I clearly stated that 4 hours was not what we signed up for. They showed me the contract that said "In its sole discretion, ChannelAdvisor may change any design, layout, content, features or functions of the Technology without notice." For a technology company that provides an online service to it's customer, this seemed like a good faith violation. How can a company change it's fundamental service on us when we are stuck with them for a year? I looked farther into the contract and read "If the changes reduce functionality and materially adversely impact Customer's use of a Module, then Customer's sole and exclusive remedy is to terminate the SOW for that Module by providing at least thirty (30) days prior written notice." So I told them this is not the product we signed up for (in April 2015), and requested a terminated contract. They have done everything to tell me I have no right to ask for a terminated contract, they have bullied me into believing I have no rights as a customer locked into a contract. They are threatening collections, and all I asked for was an amiable solution to a non-transparent contract which I believe was made void when they lied about upload times. I am very disappointed with the way that Alamo Music has been treated by ChannelAdvisor.

Desired Settlement
An amiable solution to an unfair contract. We have not used the services provided by ChannelAdvisor since April 2015, and we should not be liable for the costs of the services. We have been exchanging emails and ChannelAdvisor has stopped responding - stating they will place me for collections. Alamo Music has not used ChannelAdvisor's services since the middle of April 2015. I have offered to pay for April, but I refuse to pay for something we are not using.

Business Response /* ****** ** *********** */
ChannelAdvisor and the complainant are working together toward a resolution.

Consumer Response /* ****** ** *********** */
Resolved - The complainant verified the issue was resolved to their satisfaction.

Final Consumer Response /* ****** ** *********** */

10/17/2014Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

Salesperson told me their software had all the data I needed and could communicate with the suppliers that I deal with for Ebay, turned out untrue.
I had been researching software companies to assist in listing items on Ebay, my main criteria was the software company needed to have the ability to communicate with my suppliers to obtain all the necessary data needed to list items. Without the data listing items is a lengthy time consuming task that usually requires a couple of employees full time to manage. The Channel Advisor salesman assured me that the data would not be an issue and I could focus my time on selling the products and not the listings. After paying Channel Advisor and signing their contract, going into the launch phase I quickly found out they didn't have all of the data like they said, only bits and pieces of it that has to be put on a spreadsheet and pieced together. Also I found out they do not communicate with the suppliers inventory levels, another software is needed to do that, and only 2 suppliers are compatible, the third and main one I use is not compatible. If I had been told all of this from the get go I would've never signed up with ChannelAdvisor, I would've went with the other company that has access to all of this data and doesn't require another third party company to do inventory levels. I want out of the contract and they are refusing to do so, billing me 1,000.00 every month and I'm not using their software.

Desired Settlement
I want a refund from Channel Advisor, and to cancel the contract.

Business Response /* ****** ** *********** */
ChannelAdvisor successfully supports multiple automotive sellers on Amazon, eBay and other third-party marketplaces through its integrations with inventory suppliers and fulfillment alliances. Our platform is customized for automotive sellers through these strategic relationships, some of which require an additional outlay of capital on the part of our customers, which is communicated during the sales process.

Our software does require initial investment in time to upload and create a seamless experience. This is a common experience for all customers, requiring time and effort. This was also disclosed in the sales process, the contract, and is why we offer clients the option to enable the software with assistance from a Launch Specialist.

Since we feel that our system is able to help this customer, we are willing to go above and beyond to help get this customer get up and running on our platform. We have reached out to this customer directly to offer specific assistance to meet his needs.

Consumer Response /* ****** ** *********** */
I was told data from the suppliers was available and data collection was not going to be an issue for ebay, during the first launch call I quickly found out this wasn't true by the launch specialist within the first 10 minutes on the phone. I have already switched to another software that has software and data like this company said they did. I have no interest in using Channel Advisors software, it does me no good, these big companies can't keep bullying small businesses. If they were 100 percent honest from the get go It would've been a clear and straightforward decision to not use their software, instead they lull you into thinking they have the end all be all of software and data mines. Not true.

Final Business Response /* ****** ** *********** */
This situation has been resolved through direct communication with this customer.

Final Consumer Response /* ****** *** *********** */
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)

11/15/2013Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

Channel advisor provided inaccurate details of there service. After signing contract they failed to meet all requirements of the contract.
The sales pitch used compared to what was presented in the contract were two totally different services. The sales representative that sold the product is no longer with the company. After discussing with several managers within channel advisor, they offered to issue a partial refund for services when I requested a full refund since they failed to fulfill their contractual agreement. They would only offer a partial refund. To this date I have not been issued any refund, nor have they fulfilled the contractual obligations set forth. With several conversations with Channel Advisor management they continued to change their information as to how their services work. When I questioned about these changes, compared to what I was told during my contract setup as well as initial account setup after the contract was signed, I was read a script as to this is how their system works.
The contract was signed based on the information provided that I could be set up for a full integration of 3 websites within a quick time frame. They all would be fully functioning and working uniformly together. The channel advisor system, and services could not provide this service. At best we had one system up and running, and second with partial functionality, and and 3rd that was not operable. Channel advisor was responsible for the system integration which they could not provide as described.

Desired Settlement
I am seeking a complete refund of the contract price. The contract was based on a completed business integration between three systems. They could only partially integrate 2 of the 3 systems.

Business Response /* ****** *** *********** */
Our software does require initial investment in time to upload and create a seamless experience. This is a common experience for all customers, requiring time and effort, and is also why we recommend that clients enable the software with a Launch Specialist to get them going.

Our team put forth great effort to launch this client on multiple marketplaces at an accelerated pace. The complainant was successfully launched on two major marketplaces, with the
third marketplace launch being delayed due to an issue with the complainant's inventory that was not the responsibility of ChannelAdvisor.

The complainant purchased the service on a self-service basis and was therefore expected to take over management of the account after launch. We do offer fully managed accounts for customers who wish to allow our expert teams to completely manage their e-commerce presence.

We sign one-year agreements and invested our own time and energy into the success of this account, going above and beyond to help the customer through the implementation process. The client was implemented successfully and launched on 2 out of 3 major marketplaces (with the unsuccessful launch being due to issues with the customer's inventory, which they were unwilling to rectify), therefore we would retain fees accordingly.

Final Consumer Response /* ****** *** *********** */
Consumer called to say he has reached a settlement with this company.

Final Business Response /* ****** *** *********** */
We have documentation that our launch services manager reached out to the complainant multiple times with requests to set up a call to finalize the launch on the third marketplace, as the other two marketplaces were successfully launched. The call would have enabled our team to help the complainant work through the inventory changes that were necessary in order to successfully launch on the third marketplace.

The contract documentation signed by the complainant explicitly established that customer was responsible for providing inventory data required by the marketplace in such a format that ChannelAdvisor could receive in order to achieve success. The complainant did not provide the necessary information in a format ChannelAdvisor could utilize, which therefore meant they were unable to launch, despite our team's best efforts to help them do so.

07/16/2013Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

Channel Advisor suspended our account for alleged lack of payment. However, we paid within the terms established by Channel Advisor.
1) End of 2011: Channel Advisor Sales Rep (SR) contacts us to get us into Channel Advisor (CA) Platform, we agreed with reserves given the public roar about CA's deficient product/support.

2) January 2012: SR realizes that CA application for Ebay Motors - Germany is not ready and tells us it is not possible (an initial invoice had already been raised) to move forward.

3) I contact Regional Manager(RM) to tell him about this. RM talks with development. They agree to develop the Ebay Motors Germany application by March 2012.

4) App is delivered in March but with bugs of significance (CA's accounting department keeps billing, I raised my concerns with your people).

5) We can effectively start to use CA application end of March / beginning of April.

6) More than once, through this period, we raised our concerns about billing not matching reality and about credit notes NOT being raised.

7) Finally received the correct bill with credit note included 13 days ago with due date 17th of June. My accounting department would pay before that day.

8) CA's finance guys disabled our access to CA two days ago due to lack of payment even though due date is 17th of June (at the time it was the future). To use CA's language: We went from "Be seen" to "Be gone".

9) CA's management is unable to fix the situation. CA's finance guys don't sign their messages with their name. We never knew who we were dealing with.

On the other hand, CA's application was not bug-free even until the day we stopped the contract later in 2012. We refer to significant bugs, like the inability to effectively use CA's inventory update API.

Experience with CA has been absolutely deficient, it has caused us loss of business. We recommend no one to deal with them.

We have plenty of emails and invoices to backup the arguments detailed above.

Desired Settlement
We are seeking refund of all amounts paid given the loss of business and man/hours lost as a consequence of our dealings with Channel Advisor.

Business' Initial Response
Our resolution was to come to agreeable terms for account termination based on customer's tenure and feedback. The customer's account was disabled for nonpayment after multiple attempts to contact them failed to illicit a response, and upon response from the customer the account was reactivated. We wish this customer the best of luck with their future endeavors.

Consumer's Final Response
We have reached an agreement with Channel Advisor. You can now set this matter as resolved.

Best regards,

Flavio Graf
for Q11 Autoteile

Business' Final Response
We are working with this customer to resolve this issue amicably.

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08/18/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

CA has not delivered, suspended our account, have threatened to terminate and turn over our account to an outside collection agent after 07/31/15.
We are a small IT business and have a successful and verifiable track record of selling products online with 99.6% customer satisfaction rate.

We were approached by a Salesperson at Channeladvisor, an e-comerce solution provider about using their services to expand our market. The ideas he was selling was to broaden our market reach by using one platform (CA) to sell in different popular online marketplaces.
The idea sounded great, however the plan presented to us did not appear reasonable, given that we were already successfully selling in on eBay. However, after some discussions we agreed that in order to develop a mutually beneficial relationship, we would need to add other popular marketplace (that we were not already participating). The channel advisor sales representative stated they would help us in getting back to Amazon. The commitment to get us back to Amazon convinced us to sign the contract.
In order to move forward, Channel advisor requested for sample data in order to perform a review. We send the information from our distributor and they informed us they could use the data therefore we can move forward.
We signed the agreement in June 2014. The agreement comprised of an annual subscription and implementation fees for the various marketplaces. In addition there was revenue share over a pre-established level of sales, and notably we were already at this level on eBay sales.
Then, the Salesperson suggested implementing eBay first, this was scheduled but the implementation failed. There were lots of issues, and the last comment was they would find a work around and in the meantime, they suggested implementing other marketplaces. However, so much time had passed without any progress and I voiced my concerns. Fortunately, one of the Customer Representatives listened and helped us get going on other marketplace in April 2015. However, CA started demanding payment for the reminder of the contract. I contacted them and explained to that we felt CA had not delivered on its promises and it was only fair that the contract was reset. CA responded with a counter offer that did not seem to make much sense to us.
We were offered:
"A three month credit with six month extension, applied toward the next invoice (July through Sept) - credit will include the 4% annual increase
You will be responsible for the currently due $XXXX, with $XXXXX of being paid immediately (before we can draft the credit)"
We were informed by the Agent "I understand the frustration and I am sorry if we created any aggravation. Right now, we are giving a generous offer to alleviate some of the payment at this time"
All we are seeking is fairness, and for CA to better understand of our needs and not entirely focus on how they can benefit from our business. We have asked them to take the time to understand our objectives in order to build a mutually gainful relationship.
Unfortunately, Channel advisor has not delivered on their part, have suspended our account and have threatened to turn over our account to an outside collection agency.

Desired Settlement
We are seeking is fairness. CA has not delivered, and we do not see the value of the monies paid. We need CA to deliver on the initial commitments or cancel the contract and refund our money.

CA acknowledged the problem and has offered the solution (below). This is in not acceptable, it merely extend the contract, yet they have not delivered in the first place.

"A three month credit with six month extension, applied toward the next invoice (July through Sept) - credit will include the 4% annual increase

We would like this contract reset to begin April 2015, else cancel and refund our money.

Business Response /* ****** ** *********** */
Like most Software-as-a-Service vendors, ChannelAdvisor requires payment as set forth in the agreement in order to continue to provide account access. Accounts that are not paid as set forth in the contract may be sent to collections. As mentioned in this complaint, ChannelAdvisor has provided all services possible that are included in the agreement to enable the customer to launch on the ChannelAdvisor platform. Any delays in this process were not caused by the ChannelAdvisor team. In order to help this client resolve the payment issue, we offered him an extension of services, which he declined. ChannelAdvisor remains dedicated to working with this customer to help him be successful, so early termination of the contract is not possible.

Consumer Response /* ****** *** *********** */
Important: I am overseas business trip with limited access to email returning on Aug 23, 2015. Below is my response to Channelsadvisor reply.
The reason we opted to use ChannelAdvisor (CA) is to expand our market reach, this objective has not been reached today. We have not used the platform provided by CA and any launches have failed so far and unfortunately citing the response CA they seem to be blaming us.
Contrary to the information provided by CA, we have been available and ready for the implementations. The first implementation (eBay) failed. There were numerous issues including severe problems that led to warning of violating eBay policies due to submitting listings on eBay multiple times. We were requested to give the launching manager some time to work on the problem.
The other launches are currently on hold and we have been advised that we cannot move forward without payments. Our complain is clear, we got into an agreement, however CA has delivered what they promised and unfortunately blaming us for the implementation failures and now threatening to forward our account to collectors.
We are seeking fairness, we are requesting this contract to be reset to April 2015. This is when CA made the first delivery. Otherwise, it is very unfair for CA to keep pushing for payments, yet there is nothing to show for what has been paid so far. Again, we are willing to work with CA, and simply seeking to have the current contract modified to start April 2015, else cancel the contract and refund our money.

Final Business Response /* ****** *** *********** */
ChannelAdvisor made every effort to help this customer expand its market reach, but this process was hampered and ultimately halted due to the customer's lack of engagement. Unfortunately, ChannelAdvisor will not be able to provide the customer's desired resolution, because our team expended a significant amount of time and energy that should have been compensated for; when it was not, this contract was terminated as provided for in the agreement.

05/25/2015Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

channel advisor has not given us what we were told by the sales people that is easy access to many e commerce outlets by using their easy usesoftware
our company was told that with the facilities offered by channel advisor we would be able to build and grow our e-commerce business exponentially ,that their software was very easy to use after some training and that we would have a launch within a month,we are now 7 months on and still ahem not listed any products wit their software .
We have also had a 3 mont out agree dby both prates so we could retry and use their software to launch,the software we believe is seriously flawed ,it loses data and effectively throws up many issues when ever we upload any data ,it needs a much higher level of IT/or tech awareness than any every day person could possibly try to do by themselves.
we have even with their suggestion built an ebay webstore at big costs any which has yet to have one product for sale.
Just so we are clear if we don't use CA software to list our products we can do this ourselves easily directly with amazon and ebay ,but as soon as we try and add the products to their system it just throws issues back at us -so why is it being marketed as a world leader and beater when it cannot have a simple interface and ease of use -look at shopify we have set up a shop their listed items in1 day! and this was virtually free,we do not want to pay for CA software any further we have already spent 100s of lost hours trying to get this software to work and feel the training was poor but essentially the system is not user friendly and is a work in progress ,but something we don't want to pay for to see the finished article this is a contract which was mis sold.we are worried after reading reviews by others on trust pilot that they ahem had same serious issues as us and had hush issues getting our of contracts with CA as another person said they do not care about results only the income from their flawed system

Desired Settlement
we want out of our contract immediately and we will take the loss of our time and money waste don this contract.we feel extreme;y let down by Channeladvisor and feel this was an extremely overhyped sale of flawed software,a very poor return on pour investment but we want out without any further costs or hassle from them

Business Response /* ****** ** *********** */
Like most SaaS businesses, we require our customers to sign 12 month agreements that are binding upon both parties unless certain terms and conditions are broken. In this case, ChannelAdvisor has breached no contractual provision. ChannelAdvisor has provided all services and functionality included in the agreement that would enable the customer to be successful on the ChannelAdvisor platform. We have made multiple attempts to work with this customer and he has refused all suggestions we've made. Additionally, our solution does require initial investment in time on the part of the customer, and this is disclosed in the sales process and is stated in the contract. Under these circumstances, we are not able to terminate the contract early.

01/19/2015Advertising / Sales Issues | Read Complaint Details

Deceptive sales tactics' that intentionally misrepresent the services and value of Channel Advisor. False promises were made that we would expect a lift in sales due to the value-added services provided from Channel Advisor. Initial Salesman was **** ******* E-Commerce Specialist XXX-XXX-XXXX - office **** ****** ****** ******* Morrisville NC XXXXX and he assured us and we were sold on using CA to control our online inventory in real time across the platforms of OS, Amazon, EBay, Rakuten, and our own Magento store we are developing now, based on what we were told. Of course once we questioned about use with OS and Magento this salesman is "no longer with us" according to a response by ***** ***** When we explained what we were lead to believe and that we wanted to cancel he stopped responding and then a **** ******* took over and basically said refer to you contract you cannot cancel.
This is completely false, there were no meaningful sales generated. Promises were made that we would save time and create an ease of use to create multiple listings on multiple platforms, however this also is false as there was no significant time savings in product listings across platforms. The CA web site even alludes to using with OS and Magento. But once you get signed up then you get passed ** others, in our case the China office using ****** *** to help with the set up of Amazon which we paid an additional $750 for. Basically the CA system is just a repeat of our own in house CSV's we were using to update all the sales channels. We were assured they could easily be generated from CA and tracked to increase sales and have a single real time inventory management. Now they admit they do not support OS, after saying they had a work around when put on the spot about using CA for OS. There were no sales generated, no cost savings accrued and no support provided to achieve the promises made. We were sold a false bill of goods. The decision to sign up with Channel Advisor was based on information that was, in fact, completely fabricated and fraudulent. The promise made to us to deliver performance was a deliberate deception. Their business practices are highly suspect and intentionally deceptive. Do you know the reason that Channel Advisor locks their customers into an annual contract without a way to exit? This deceptive practice helps them gain an unfair advantage and reinforces their misrepresentation of the facts to gain monies that are not earned. I made a promise to pay for the delivery of services and sales, neither of which was delivered and I therefore am not willing to pay any more money. We canceled our contract early on as soon as we recognized their deceptive business methodology. - See more at:

Desired Settlement
Termination Reason: To elaborate we feel we were misled completely, actually lied to, about CA being able to integrate with OS and with a Magento based store to control inventory across channels real time.

This without buying or subscribing to any other 3rd party programs or monthly fees - all was supposed to be completely available within CA. Not to mention the increase in sales we were led to believe would come from CA.

We were sold on using CA to control our online inventory in real time across the platforms of OS, Amazon, EBay, Rakuten, and our own Magento store we are developing now, based on what we were told.

Once we got into development was where it started to fall apart. What is on the CA site and what was told to us are different in regards to Magento and OS. Then we were told there is a work around for OS but that seems to be a mystery when we ask how. Magento turns out to need 3rd party apps bought and additional costs.

Suffice to say we have realized our mistake and we stopped using CA after paying to launch the Amazon module, another cost.
We just find our previous set up to be more efficient just using individual feeds manually daily. We may not be live but it is a lot easier and can do what we want.
Also as we develop the Magento based site we find it will serve our purposes for now.

So I wish for CA in good faith, I know the salesman is gone that sold us, to cancel the balance of our service ASAP.

Business Response /* ****** ** *********** */
We are internally investigating this complaint.

Consumer Response /* ****** ** *********** */
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Their whole response is "We are internally investigating this complaint" which means what? This is just buying time. The case is clear cut. Their system cannot perform as we were told it could and simply cancel the remaining contract. They already received too much money for what we consider fraud.

Final Business Response /* ****** *** *********** */
The complainant signed a one-year agreement that outlines specifically the terms and capabilities of our software. It was made clear during the sales process that additional work is involved in setting up the sales channels specifically referenced in the complaint. We have reached out to this customer to attempt to meet his expectations, but the outcomes desired require additional time and resources on the customer's part. Our solution does require an initial investment in time to launch, and we feel that this customer has not given our software an opportunity to perform as outlined in the sales process. For this reason, we are unable to release this customer from his contractual obligation, but are happy to assist him in any way possible to help achieve optimal results.

Final Consumer Response /* ****** *** *********** */
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Flat out they are not addressing that their salesman, who is no longer there coincidently, told us their program could integrate with without any third party software. Also that CA could integrate with Magento based stores without any third party software. This is not the case.
What they offered by **** ******* is (and love the end note he is out of office! after making the offer):

I did receive an email from CA which I absolutely reject. Now they are trying to sell me something to do what they stated it could perform in the first place and the old sales trick of add in "potentially" something else along with pay us more!:

Hey ****,
I hope you are well! I just wanted to follow up on the termination request you recently placed with us, and address some of the frustrations you have previously addressed around the Magento functionality.
I would like to propose - pending getting current on your billing - a credit for up to two months, in exchange for an Amendment to extend your contract for two months to allow you time for a Magento connector to be developed. I can provide some suggested providers as well, if you'd like. In addition, I would like to offer you some additional assistance with a member of my team to audit your current setup, and provide feedback accordingly, including best practices and possible optimization techniques. Or, if you'd prefer, I could have a member of my team work with you on a Flex Feed setup so that you could send a feed to Overstock. This would be free of charge as a goodwill offering.
Again, this would be contingent on paying the balance currently owed.
Please let me know your thoughts or concerns either way, and we can move forward from there.
Thanks again, ****, and I look forward to hearing back from you!

PLEASE NOTE: I will be out of the office on Friday, September 5th, and also on Friday, September 12th and Monday, September 15th.

Getting in touch with CA is a circular route of denial and obfuscation - only once BBB entered are they trying to sound nice and claim they want to resolve what to me was a flat out lie and misleading concerning OS and Magento integration as a stock function. I do not want to continue with something we discovered did not do what we were told it could do and we do not even use it anymore as it is a complete waste of time.

12/01/2014Billing / Collection Issues | Read Complaint Details

I was told one thing and they did another. I cancelled account and they continue to bill my credit card with false information.
I do not have an active account with Channel Adviser, I cancelled it months ago. But they refused to acknoledge the cancellation and claim they had the right to sign me up automically for another year of service.

I offered to let them have $2500, event hough they provided no services just to end the discussion and harassment. They kept the money and continue to harass me.

I explicitly told them that i do not wish to do business with their company and they should cancel any accounts. tod date they claim my account in active and that i have no right to cancel it.

Further, after they took the $2500, I blocked their account from charging my AmEx card. So they submitted a charge from another merchant ID claiming the charge was for "employment services" This is intentionally deceptive practice and is without a doubt illegal. Bt with this trick, they managed to charge my card another $2500.

They told me one thing when I signed up, then tried to go back on your word with fine print in a user agreement that is highly unethical.

The service itself was unreliable and difficult to navigate. The customer support was poor, usually consisting of a form letter that didn't even address problems that arose with their software.

I regret that I did not do more homework and discover the many other customers that have also had horrible experiences dealing with Channel Adviser.

Using Channel Adviser was one of the worst business mistakes I ever made. Their conduct is unethical, illegal, and seeks to destroy small businesses they pretend to want to help. This company is bad news.

Desired Settlement
I want them to refund the $2500 i gave them that they did nothing to earn. Their is another $2500 that is in limbo that they told AmEx was for employment services. I want them to withdraw attempts to process that payment. I want them to stop trying to charge my credit cards in the future. And i want them to stop harassing me.

Business Response /* ****** ** *********** */
Our software does require initial investment in time to upload and create a seamless experience. This is a common experience for all customers, requiring time and effort. This was disclosed in the sales process, the contract, and is why we offer clients the option (and encourage them) to enable the software with assistance from a Launch Specialist.

The complainant was successfully launched per the terms of the contract and has been a customer since April 2012. We sign one-year agreements and invest our own resources to help customers through the implementation process, and this contract automatically renewed for the second time by its stated terms. We are working in good faith to reach a compromise with the complainant.

Consumer Response /* ****** *** *********** */
The investment of set-up time and effort was compensated in the first year. The additional year that CA has tacked on required no set-up or effort on the part of CA as I had stopped using the product already.

As a compromise, I suggest CA keep the $2500 I've paid for nothing, and stop harassing me for more money that they have not earned. Absent a complete settlement under these terms, I will continue to pursue options to recover the $2500.

Final Business Response /* ****** *** *********** */
We stand by the original offer we made to the complainant, and we hope to come to an amicable resolution soon.

11/27/2014Problems with Product / Service | Read Complaint Details

We asked the company to cancel our service as we have not used it and they refuse to. Then they charged us for another service that we did not reques
We had signed up for this service a year ago. It finally started the software a couple months ago on their end but we never used the software because our employee that was going to use it quit. We since told them to cancel the service our rep *** ***** said that would not be an issue. Then his boss said no they wont cancel the service and then decided to bill us again even though we wanted it cancelled. So they charged us another 9000 for a service we do not want or need. We want our money back as our rep *** ***** said it would be ok to cancel.

Desired Settlement
They have billed us over 150000 for a service we are not using and no longer will use then another 9000 after they said they would cancel the service and then did not. I want at least the 9000 dollars back right away and would like the 15000 dollars back but realize that they may not be possible.

Business Response /* ****** ** *********** */
We've asked the complainant for documentation to support the aforementioned claims and have not received anything. The complainant signed a two-year agreement for services, and ChannelAdvisor performed under the Agreement. The contract signed by both parties outlines the situations in which the Agreement can be terminated, and an employee quitting is not outlined as a valid reason for termination.

Since we feel that this customer is able to be successful on our system, we are willing to go above and beyond to help this customer make the most of our platform. We have reached out to this customer directly to offer specific assistance to meet his needs.

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As a matter of policy, BBB does not endorse any product, service or business.

BBB Business Reviews are provided solely to assist you in exercising your own best judgment. Information in this BBB Business Review is believed reliable but not guaranteed as to accuracy.

BBB Business Reviews generally cover a three-year reporting period. BBB Business Reviews are subject to change at any time.