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BBB has issued a warning to inform school districts across the country of bogus invoices being sent claiming to be for the bulk purchase of school books. 
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Better Business Bureau is warning that it expects to see scammers taking advantage of the recent leak of nude celebrity photos to trick consumers into clicking on links to fraudulent websites.
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Whenever a major story dominates the news, scammers take advantage of the public’s interest with online photos, stories and social media links that claim to offer sensati..
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An alleged massive data breach involving Russian hackers is in the news. If you are concerned about how to protect your identity, BBB has advice.
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BBB has recently heard of several fun runs across the country being cancelled at the last minute, including the 5K Foam Fest, Electric Foam 5K and Dirty Girl Mud Run, with organizers informing race part..
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Better Business Bureau has been flooded with complaints about Cointerra, an Austin, Texas-based company that manufactures computers used to “mine” bitcoins. Complainants..
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Internet Explorer web browser users should be aware of a potential vulnerability.
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Unless you’ve been vacationing on a tropical island for the past few days, you’ve likely heard of the “Heartbleed” bug, a computer security vulnerability that can reveal ..
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Microsoft Corporation is no longer providing support for Windows XP, and Better Business Bureau is warning consumers and businesses that they need to take immediate ..
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Consumers from all over have turned to Better Business Bureau with complaints about online retailer The complaints allege that purchased t-shirts were not..
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