Phishing Scam Targets BBB Again

Scammers sent a wave of emails today that purport to come from the Washington, D.C. BBB offices.
May 12, 2014

Scammers sent a wave of emails today that purport to come from the Washington, D.C. BBB offices.  Emails spoof the domain of and list the Salt Lake City BBB’s fax number as a means of contact. These emails claim the recipient has been the subject of a customer complaint, and carry an attachment claiming to be a complaint response form.  The attachment, however, likely carries malicious content and should NOT be downloaded or opened. 

Your BBB is advising the public to follow these basic tips to avoid malware and phishing attacks:

  • Do NOT open or download any attachments.
  • Do NOT click on any links, even if it appears to be legitimate.
  • Delete the email from your inbox and then delete it again from your trash or recycling folder.
  • Run a full system scan using a reputable virus software scanner.
  • Forward scam emails targeting the Better Business Bureau name or brand to

If you receive an email saying your business has a complaint filed against it with BBB, there are several things you can do to authenticate it:

  • Look for typos, grammatical errors, etc. in the text that could indicate it originated overseas.
  • Check to see who it says it is from. Complaints go out from local BBBs, not from the headquarters office.
  • Hover your mouse over the link to see if its destination is really a address.
  • Copy and paste the link into Notepad (not Word). Notepad does not support html, so if the link is a fake address, the real link will show up.
  • If you still are not certain of an email’s legitimacy, call our BBB toll free at 877-267-5222 to verify the complaint.

Always remember to check with your local BBB if you receive something that seems fishy or raises alarm.