BBB Hot Topics -- March 2011
Below is information on companies marketing to local Pennsylvanians received at your BBB. Information is based on our research as of March 8, 2011. Click on their name for an updated BBB report.
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How to File an Insurance Claim
With many natural disasters and harsh weather happening, your BBB wanted to provide some tips on how to file an insurance claim.
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American Academy of Pediatrics Issues New Recommendations on Car Seats
New advice is published in the April 2011 issue of Pediatrics magazine from The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) for parents regarding car seats.
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Is it time to change your batteries?
When was the last time you changed the batteries in your smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector? When was the last time you tested them?
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BBB Hot Topics -- JANUARY 2011
The Better Business Bureau has established a program called “Hot Topics.” Each month we will be sending out information on problematic companies that are targeting Western Pennsylvania consumers and pos..
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BBB Releases 2010 Statistics
In February, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) released its 2010 annual statistics providing over 1 million instances of services associated with companies located in Western Pennsylvania.
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Donor Alert: Giving to Pacific Tsunami and Japanese Earthquake Victims
As we learn more about the 8.9-magnitude earthquake that hit the northeast coast of Japan on Friday, the BBB urges givers to make sure their donations will go to legitimate and reputable charities.
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BBB Advice: Tax Refund Anticipation Loans Are Costly, Whether You Get A Check Or A Debit Card
Pittsburgh, PA – January 27, 2011 – In a hurry to get your refund? Some tax preparers offer tax refund anticipation loans, often marketed as “rapid refunds” in the form of checks or “gift” debit cards.
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U.S. Department of Commerce International Delegation Selects the BBB to Share Best Practices
On Wednesday, February 23, 2011, your Better Business Bureau will be hosing eighteen high-level international executives and professionals as part of The United States Department of Commerce Special Ame..
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Protect your Debit Card Number from ATM skimming
ATM skimming is a growing problem and the Better Business Bureau recommends consumers take a few steps to protect themselves from becoming the next victim.
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