Don’t Fall for a Scam Call Regarding the Affordable Care Act

August 29, 2013

Pittsburgh, PA – August 29, 2013 – With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, commonly referred to as “Obamacare,” on the horizon, scammers are capitalizing on this latest opportunity to steal people’s identities. Your Better Business Bureau of Western PA is warning consumers of scammers who are calling and claiming you are eligible for health insurance cards through the new Affordable Care Act. Before the card can be mailed however, the caller claims to need your personal information, such as bank account and social security numbers.

“Scammers will often pose as government workers or authoritative figures to take advantage of confusion surrounding new or complex policies,” says Caitlin Vancas, Public Relations Director of the Better Business Bureau of Western PA. “Be aware that there is no card and sharing your personal information only sets you up for potential identity theft.”

Your BBB offers the following tips to consumers who receive similar phone calls:

· Hang up the phone. If you get one of these calls, just hang up. You may be tempted to call back, but this will only give the scammer another opportunity to steal your information. Also, be sure to never press any buttons that the scammer instructs.

· Never give out personal information. Never give out your bank account numbers, date of birth, credit card number or social security number.

· Don’t rely on caller ID. It is always a good idea to screen your calls, but some scammers are able to spoof your caller ID and display a specific company’s name or phone number. Don’t trust that the information you see is always true.

· The government rarely communicates via phone calls. Most of the time, the government uses traditional snail mail to communicate to consumers. The government rarely calls, emails or texts, so don’t give your information to these types of government messages.

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