Babysitting Scam Hits Local Papers

September 08, 2010

babysittingYour BBB has received numerous calls from consumers regarding a babysitting advertisement in local newspapers. The ad is looking for a babysitter for young children. When consumers respond to the ad, they are told the position has been filled, but they will pass along their information to another “friend” who is looking for a babysitter. The “friend” contacts the consumer explaining they are in a foreign country and will coming over to the U.S. They explain they will start sending the consumer checks, which they are supposed to deposit and then wire a portion back to their employer. The checks are fake, and once a consumer deposits the check they are responsible for that money. The job listing is an illegal scam and considered money laundering.

Your BBB warns consumers to never wire money to anyone you don’t know, and as the Better Business Bureau always says, “If it sounds too good to be true, it normally is.”