Scammers Use Fake E-mails Urging Friends and Family Members to Wire Money

July 08, 2010

Social networking is at an all time high and so are scams surrounding it. The IC3 (Internet Crime Complaint Center) continues to receive reports of scammers hacking personal internet accounts to swindle friends and family members.

Scammers steal the identity of an individual through a social networking or e-mail account and proceed to send out an e-mail to all their contacts and friends stating they have been robbed and are currently stranded in a foreign country. The e-mail proceeds to tell everyone they don’t have a passport, credit card, cell phone, or any money and they must pay their hotel bill immediately. The e-mail promises to reimburse anyone who helps them.

Your BBB warns consumers that although an e-mail you receive may seem urgent, always do your homework before wiring any money to a foreign country. Victims of this scam should file a complaint with the IC3 at