Fraudulent Online Car Dealers Scam Thousands from Consumers

July 21, 2010

By Jenelle Loughner
Senior at Elizabeth Forward High School

dealershipRecently online vehicle sales that claim of too-good-to-be true prices were too good to be true. Car buyers are now being targeted by scams. Scammers create a site with a real name and using the real information of a car dealer to trick the consumers into believing they are a reputable dealer.

These scams also use well known logos to gain the consumer’s trust. Several logos were used on the fraudulent sites. After sending as much as $5,000, the consumers never received the vehicle.

Do not attempt to purchase a car online if any of the following appear:

· The price for the vehicle is too good to be true.

· The dealer will not communicate by phone, only by e-mail.

· The dealer requests that payment be made by money wire.

If you suspect a site to be a fraudulent online dealer please contact Better Business Bureau and the Internet Crime Center at to file a complaint.