Puppy Scam is for the Dogs…

June 08, 2010

Don’t be duped by online or newspaper classifieds advertising free or inexpensive puppies. One example of an email received by an area resident after responding to an ad listed in the local paper reads in part:

Thanks for mailing me about my babies, I have them available with me. They are my babies and it's really hard letting off these Angels but I have to if I really love them. I am currently on a Christian mission to the West Africa in a country called Nigeria. I came down with my babies. I got here to see that my babies are not meant for this kind of place. I need a God fearing person that will be there for these babies, and am giving them out for free adoption; it's only the shipping charge that is needed to get them back to the U.S.A….”


The seemingly heartfelt email is from a “Jack Frazier Sneed” (whose identity may have been stolen to perpetrate this scam),  and goes on to ask for full mailing address so that shipping charges can be calculated.  It even includes “pictures” of the puppies. Kind hearted consumers that send the shipping fees are finding out that they are being conned and do not receive a canine companion. 


BBB and the American Kennel Club issued an alert on Puppy Scams back in 2007.