Voucher Scam Tricks Verizon Wireless Customers

March 18, 2014

Using caller ID “spoofing” technology and a look-alike website, scammers pose as Verizon Wireless and con victims into sharing personal information.

How the Scam Works:  

A recorded message that appears to be from Verizon Wireless’ technical support says the consumer is eligible to receive a voucher. To claim the voucher, the consumer needs to visit a website. The web address provided contains Verizon’s name and the value of the voucher, which makes it seem an official page created for the promotion - a recent version of the scam used verizon54.com.

When consumers visit the site, Verizon Wireless colors, graphics and navigation display (see screen shot below), appearing as an official page. To claim the voucher, the site prompts visitors to verify their account by entering their cell phone number, Verizon ID and password, and the last four digits of their Social Security number.

However, once the personal information is entered, consumers do not receive the promised voucher, and are now open to identity theft.  

 Verizon Screenshot 

How to Spot a Spoofing Scam:

  • Watch for look-alike URLs. Be wary of sites that have a company’s name as a subdomain of another URL or part of a longer URL. For example, verizon.scamwebsite.com or verizonvoucher105.com, in Verizon Wireless’ case.
  •  Consider how the business normally contacts customers. Beware of deviation from normal means of communication. For instance, Verizon Wireless typically sends customers text messages, so a phone call should be considered a red flag.
  •  Contact the business to verify offers: When in doubt, call the business’ customer support line to check the legitimacy of an offer. Be sure to call the phone number listed on an official bill or on their site - not the number or website address provided by scammers.
  • Don't believe what you see. The website scammers created for this con looks amazingly similar to the real Verizon Wireless site. However, logos, colors and graphics are easily accessible online, making it easy for scammers to steal. Just because it looks official, does not mean it is. 

For Verizon's security and fraud alerts, visit their website at www.verizonwireless.com/pages/securityalerts. To find more information about scams, visit BBB’s Scam Stopper at www.bbb.org/scamstopper.   

Note: Verizon Wireless is a BBB Accredited Business and National Partner.

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