The Art of Providing Excellent Customer Service
September 25, 2012

A warm smile and a kind gesture can brighten even the gloomiest of days. When working with customers, it is important to integrate quality service into a business strategy. While September is National Courtesy Month, Better Business Bureau (BBB) encourages business owners to recognize the importance of proper business etiquette when dealing with customers all year long.

Providing excellent customer service often leads to trust that once established between a customer and a business, serves as a solid foundation for successful business transactions. As the business relationship develops, long term customers are established helping the business grow.

“As a business owner, the first step to ensuring quality customer service is to provide the same service and respect to your own employees,” said Matthew Fehling, BBB President/CEO. “Do you greet your employees with a warm hello? Do you listen to them when they seek feedback? The consideration and respect extended to your employees will become threefold as it quickly trickles down to customers.”

To help business owners build an environment geared at providing exceptional customer service, BBB offers the following five tips:

1. Lead by example. Employees take cues from management. Make sure senior staff treats team members with respect. Front line employees are the face of the business and all positive interactions they receive from management reflect in their interactions with customers.

2. Always greet your customer with a warm welcome. When a customer comes to your business, make sure to extend a friendly welcome. Customers pick up on your attitude and will quickly judge your business accordingly. A warm welcome invites the customer to stay a while and encourages them to do business with you.

3. Go the extra mile. Thank you notes, birthday cards, and personalized coupons are a great way to show your appreciation to customers. If a customer makes a request for something specifically related to your business, do everything you can to say yes.

4. Give the customer the benefit of the doubt. Whether it’s online or in person, customers can and will complain at some point during your business’ lifetime. Make sure you and your staff know how to handle even the most disgruntled customer. Make sure employees are familiar with the customer service policy and know how to respond to customer concerns.

5. Seek feedback. Ask customers and employees, “How are we doing?” Make an effort to resolve and execute any suggestions. Keeping customers and employees happy is key a successful business. Feedback allows for a pat on the back and time to reflect on what needs to be changed.

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