BBB Small Business Tip: Turning Warm Leads into Hot Prospects

September 25, 2012
No matter the type of business, happy, loyal customers and a steady stream of new prospects are always top of mind for business owners. To help small businesses, the Direct Selling Education Foundation (DSEF) offers great suggestions in their free e-book, Business Owners’ Road Map to Success. Better Business Bureau (BBB) shares some of the tips offered by the DSEF to help small businesses grow and spread BBB’s mission of advancing trust in the marketplace.

“With the growing list of tasks small business owners have to tackle everyday, it can be hard to build strategies around obtaining new customers,” said Matthew Fehling, BBB President/CEO. “However, having a trusted source to reference can help maximize the amount of time business owners have to invest in growing their business.”

Although, DSEF focuses on companies that offer direct selling opportunities for consultants, the information provided is relevant to many small businesses, helping turn warm leads into hot prospects.

Tips on how to turn warm leads into hot prospects:

● Create a “warm market list” of everyone you think might be interested in the products or services you sell.
● Narrow it down to a “most likely” list and keep those who would most likely purchase your items at the top of the list. Invite your “most likely” list to a small party, BBQ, open house, etc. Don’t try to sell them anything, just introduce your business.
● Make follow-up appointments and keep narrowing down your list to the most supportive and interested potential customers. These are the customers who not only will be most likely to buy from you, but also refer new business.
● Use social media to connect with people on your “warm market list” and to continue to build relationships. Also use social media to offer solutions, tips and useful information related to your products, services or industry. Meet prospects for coffee or breakfast to discuss your business.
● Ask questions from your customers on social media sites and show people how your products or services can help meet their needs or solve their problems. Even if they are not interested, they may refer other potential customers. Keep your appointments social, friendly and pressure-free.
● Don’t leave requests for information open-ended; get contact information and follow-up with potential customers promptly.
● Get involved with local organizations and causes that are important to your “warm market list.”
● Keep track of everyone you meet and contact prospects to grow your business. You will encounter “no’s” along the way, but stay positive and keep connecting, networking and making appointments.

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